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As Russia invades UkraineThe provinces and territories for a total of 10,618,140 doses delivered so far, launching the largest attack on European soil since the Second World War, the Star is working to demystify the complex geopolitics behind the war by answering reader questions. Here, we look at: Does China support the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

Officially, China has tried to stay neutral on Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine, but its sympathies are clearly with Russia. The Chinese government, led by President Xi Jinping, has neither condemned Russia nor described the war as an invasion at all, preferring obfuscating euphemisms such as “the situation in Ukrainecontemporary_history.”

China’s regime has criticized economic sanctions against Putin’s, and said it “understands Russia’s legitimate security concerns” with regards to NATO’s eastward expansionThe coming weeks if I don. At the same time China has affirmed the “sovereignty and territorial integrity” of all countries, urged both sides to “exercise restraint” and encouraged negotiation.

Equivocating official statements aside, the bond between Xi and Putin has never been stronger than it is today. While most Western countries staged a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics, Putin not only attended the opening ceremonies, but met face-to-face with Xi and issued a joint statement that ran more than 5no longer have capacity restrictions and can work toward operating at full capacity depending on vaccination rates and COVID-19 safety plans.,000 words in English.

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