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Panjin Guangge's first trial of Lovol Valley God rg50 did not expect to become famous in the first World War

Panjin Guangge's first trial of Lovol Valley God rg50 did not expect to become famous in the first World War

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this year, Lovol Valley God's 2018 rg50 surpassing harvester and Lovol Valley God rg60 harvester were successfully put on the market. With reliable product quality and ultra-high operation efficiency, they have become cross regional good partners of many agricultural machinery operators

Guangge, from Panjin, Liaoning Province, is a "post-80s" agricultural machinery operator. After seven years of striding and rolling on the cross district road, he has changed from a "layman" of crawler harvester to an "old expert". In recent years, he has gradually explored a secret cross district route, which makes him and his agricultural machinery operation team still reap full harvest in the highly competitive cross district market, and also makes him famous in the agricultural machinery circle of Panjin

brother Guangge brought up a Lovol Valley God rg50 in 2017, which is also his first time to use a domestic crawler harvester. "This machine is 5.21 meters long, small in size, easy to transport, and fast in harvesting. Last year, I went to Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning and Tianjin, worked for 450 hours, and the whole vehicle was replaced with a spring. The other 14. Stretching space (mm): 600 ~ 1000 points are not a problem." Brother Guang said with great satisfaction. Lovol Valley God rg50 hydraulic immediate loading system is composed of hydraulic stations. With reliable product quality and ultra-high operation efficiency, it has become his most reliable partner on the cross regional road. Moreover, it is this car that makes him win the harvest champion of cross regional operation in Panjin in 2017. He is also full of pride about it

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, traditional operators are no stranger to today's microblogs, and small videos, and so is brother Guangge. Early on, Guangge established a group of cross regional operators. To join this group, the agricultural machinery must be Lovol Valley God, because the name of this group is "Thor harvester fleet". Talking about the origin of this group name, brother Guangge was also very moved. It turned out that it was not obtained by them, but "sealed" by farmers on the cross district road. The S-N curve of materials drawn by the team led by brother Guangge was Lovol Valley God. The grain collected was clean, fast and slow, and the reputation was established. Because of the brand of "Lovol Valley God", farmers directly referred to them as "God of thunder", This should be a high recognition of the team technology and Lovol Ceres agricultural machinery

in July this year, Guangge was invited to participate in the field test drive of Lovol Ceres 2018 rg50 surpassing rice machine, because he had already carried out detailed research on this new model. At the beginning of the activity, he couldn't restrain his curiosity. He was the first to rush to the car and gallop among the rice fields under everyone's attention

I learned that the ravo Valley God 2018 rg50 surpassing version driven by Guangge has many upgrades compared with rg50. Firstly, the traveling transmission system is optimized, which has faster operation speed and flexible steering; The left and right rotating grain unloading cylinder driven by 3.9m hydraulic motor can also fully meet the requirements of high and low grain unloading; Using 2.05m super long threshing drum, the threshing and separation area is increased, the threshing effect is better, and the grain is clean and less entrained; In addition, the front section of the screen box adopts an adjustable double air duct structure, which makes the wind field distribution more reasonable and the separation ability between grain and miscellaneous residue stronger. The upper screen adopts an ingenious two-stage design, and the opening of the front and rear screen pieces can be adjusted respectively; The extended stepped finger screen is used to separate the threshed materials more effectively and improve the threshing and cleaning capacity

after the experience, brother Guang said: "this car is really good. It has strong power, clean harvest, fast harvest speed, and very flexible and light turns. I'm optimistic about it.". As brother Guang said, after returning to Panjin, Liaoning Province, he immediately went to the agricultural machinery company to pick up a new car. In the second half of 2018, the trans regional operation of rice

is also approaching. I wish the name of "Thor harvester fleet" more and more resounding on the trans regional road


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