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1billion packages a day! See how the three major e-commerce companies turn green

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core mention the experimental force of setting springs: [China Packaging News] on October 20, 2018, Alibaba and announced the launch of double 11 at the same time, and now there are many places to see the warm-up publicity of double 11. Shopping allowance, you

[China Packaging News] on October 20, 2018, Alibaba and announced the launch of double 11 at the same time. Now there are many places where you can see the warm-up publicity of double 11. Shopping allowances, discounts, all kinds of red envelopes, no threshold vouchers, came overwhelming. Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong even called the "double 11" the "Olympic of business"

according to Zhang Yong, 140million parcels are circulating on average every day, and more than 1 billion parcels are expected to be born on the day of double 11 in 2018. More than 1 billion, this data is not surprising. So, are major e-commerce companies ready to meet the "green" challenge of express delivery

since the rise of the concept of "green logistics", e-commerce has generally responded positively. With the advent of 2018's double 11, China environmental protection takes Alibaba's cainiaolo, and Suning e-commerce as examples to sort out those "green" changes that deserve attention

Alibaba - cainiaolo

the words of Jack Ma, the founder of cainiaolo, on his microblog, I'm afraid many people are still deeply impressed: in the future express industry, "fast" guarantees not to lose, and "green" can win

"data + algorithm" intelligent packaging. Some people criticized that express parcels, like Russian dolls, must be wrapped up three layers inside and three layers outside in order to survive the "violent sorting". However, the intelligent algorithm introduced by cainiaolo can achieve safer and more effective packaging with as few materials as possible, that is, to slim down the packaging

how big the box needs, what specification of the box needs, and how to place the goods Wang pan, a senior expert of Cainiao logistics cloud, said that the smart box algorithm is expected to help solve the problem of waste in express packaging. In 2017, the trial results of "Taoshi" sellers were equivalent to planting more than 500000 Haloxylon trees

lead the "green logistics 2020 plan". Alibaba's core sectors jointly launched the plan, and rookies announced the upgrade of the brand logo on the same day, adding the green cycle logo element. The picture given in the plan is also very grand, including the upgrading of all tmall express bags, the "zero" consumables of HEMA logistics, the use of environmental protection noodles for parcels, and so on

carry out the "return plan" and strengthen recycling. This has been done since the double 11 in 2017, and during the double 11 in 2018, the coverage of this plan will be 100 cities and 5000 recycling points across the country. In addition, replacing traditional cartons with recycled cartons can still realize recycling after reuse, and is gradually being updated to more logistics lines

in the words of Wan Lin, President of cainiaolo, "in the future, we should make every package contribute to environmental protection." - cool technology is a little "green"

start the Qingliu plan. JD Express's "carton recycling" has been online for a long time. JD beans encourages the recycling of cartons from users and enters the warehousing and logistics system; 100% promote the use of electronic face sheets; Promote the use of slimming tape; Promote biodegradable packaging; Develop recycling/degradable packaging optional system; Enable magnetic levitation intelligent packaging machine, etc

"nobody" and wisdom blessing. What is the relationship between the reduction of express packaging and "unmanned"? has officially announced the success of the research and development of the unmanned distribution station and fully implemented the "unmanned distribution + site self delivery". From shipping to sorting and distribution, the whole mechanized operation means farewell to the history of "violent sorting" and also means that there is no need to "reload and wrap"

future smart logistics blueprint. No oil, no coal, directly driven by magnetic power, and using the underground transportation track to transport packages, such an idea surfaced with the signing between JD group and magplanetechnology (magnetic aircraft technology) Company of the United States. Intelligent transportation has low energy consumption, no noise, convenient and fast intelligent transportation, and is more environmentally friendly

author's comment: technological forces play chess first, and only those who dare to think will win in the future. When green logistics meets high technology, this is a different fireworks

Suning - we should not only make up for our shortcomings, but also draw on the strengths of others

keep up with the pace of the "unmanned" era. As an e-commerce giant, Suning is not slow to enter the "unmanned" stage, and has publicly announced the goal of "I believe we will give you greater knowledge of technology, and by 2020, achieve the popularization of automatic driving technology for end distribution and the large-scale mass production of unmanned distribution vehicles". And in some cities, Suning has begun to use AGV (automated guided transport vehicle) robot warehouses and unmanned yellow cars

"sharing" and "drifting". In order to "slim down" express packaging, reduction is the most common choice. Suning is no exception. It has launched a shared express box, which can be effectively recycled for dozens of times. It is expected that the number of deliveries will reach 2. When hanging, attention should be paid to locking all clamping templates and turning on the demand of the cold and thermal shock testing machine industry. The market should not take 0 million before quietly changing the mold. The second phase of the "drift box action" will also be launched to expand the coverage of community collection points while increasing the use of categories

set up a green packaging laboratory. The first "green sharing" packaging design competition launched by Suning logistics is still fresh in our memory. Ideas such as inflatable packaging boxes and vehicle mounted folding fresh food containers have been frequently praised. Suning said that it is necessary to build a green packaging application sharing platform and will continue to explore more new ideas for green packaging

the author comments: you must stand high before you can see far, and you must see far before you can go far. Light up the future road of "green logistics" with the spark of green creativity

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