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Jinyuan Futures: the dilemma of up and down, PTA is difficult to get rid of the range restriction

PTA is still weak today. Under the influence of the continuous decline of overnight crude oil, it opened low and went low. In the morning, it jumped 50 points to open at 4560, and then fell all the way. However, the Bulls still performed well during the day, and were not affected by the continuous decline of other energy and chemical products, controlling the main trading range within the day between 4450 and 4480, with the daily peak of 4582, At the lowest point of 4444, the late trading closed slightly at 4466 yuan, and the settlement price was 4487 yuan, down 123 yuan, or 2.67%, compared with the settlement price of the previous trading day. The trading volume was basically the same as that of the previous trading day, with 377292 hands, and the position decreased by nearly 2000 hands to 88816 hands compared with the previous trading day

as of 15:00 Beijing time, the price of crude oil in New York commodity futures trading was $52.68/barrel, down $0.94/barrel from the closing price of the previous trading day, and there was huge market demand for barrels

pta East China domestic trade market inquiry atmosphere continued to maintain good, the higher price prompted the seller to be more reluctant to sell, and the mainstream negotiation continued to rise to 4450 - but this is a long process, 4500 yuan/ton, and some people who are eager for goods have accepted. The trading atmosphere in the PTA import spot market is still deadlocked, the seller's attitude is firm, and only some buyers follow the offer carefully. This is a merit, but more turn to wait-and-see. The mainstream negotiation is in the i-bus digital measurement and control circuit of US dollars/ton, and the actual order is rare

technically, PTA still hasn't got rid of the entanglement between the 5-day moving average and the 10 day moving average today, maintaining the range shock, and the upper repression force remains unchanged. However, from today's after hours position, the short selling force is gradually weakening, and the market is biased towards the bull side. It is expected that under the influence of weak fundamentals, it will be difficult to break through the futures price upward, but there should be some competition for intraday long and short, and the future market still depends on the range shock

investors are advised to follow the trend within the day

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