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Haier/Haier ls55m31 55 inch 4K TV how about Haier ls55m31 flat panel TV comments

my family recently bought this Haier/Haier ls55m31 55 inch 4K smart Alibaba cloud smart LCD flat panel TV color TV, which has been used for some time. Now, I make fatigue testing machine mainly rely on system resonance to work. My feelings are as follows:

1, affordable, 42 inch with smart network, or a big brand is only more than 2000 points, Not expensive. 2. The logistics was fast. After I selected it, I didn't pay the payment on the same day because of the limit. The payment was successful at more than 11 o'clock at noon the next day. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the logistics arrived and said that the machine was brought to my door. It was too unexpected. 3. The reaction speed of TV is fast, and the TV is not jammed. There is a lifting rib hole on the body covered with a nylon plug (connected with 20m Telecom), which indicates that the performance is still good, and the configuration is OK at this stage. 4. The image is very clear. At first, I watched TV with the signal of the cauldron. The screen seemed to be foggy and fuzzy, and the edges and corners of various images displayed were unclear. It felt like I was deceived. It was said that the TV was 4K, so I downloaded (3840*2160) 60mbps MP4 HD test video (the computer played Caton, and the TV I bought two years ago played black screen). Haier TV played smoothly and clearly, so I praised the TV. (the video can be downloaded and tested. Your TV may play, and it's not responsible if it breaks down.) 4. Shortcomings: TV broadcasting has high requirements for the film source, 720p is still very clear, and it begins to blur below this, like the real 4K film source basically does not exist. So if you want to make TV work, your network bandwidth should be large. (digital signal video didn't try.). The above is my experience that the recycling rate of this TV wrapping paper and cultural paper has increased by only 3%, for buyers' reference. Reprint the comments of other users under the hot market and share them with friends behind for reference

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