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Google will build three more submarine optical cable systems to expand global cloud services

in order to further connect the world and expand global cloud services, Google plans to build three new submarine optical cable systems, with an investment of up to hundreds of millions of dollars

the first is the submarine cable system "Curie" (Cu1 should be X1 RIE in general), which connects Chile and Los Angeles. This is the submarine cable system invested by Google alone, and it is also Chile's first submarine cable system directly connected to the United States. The second is the United States Denmark Ireland submarine optical cable system havfrue invested and built by the enterprise consortium, and the third is the Hong Kong Guam submarine optical cable system invested and built by the enterprise consortium

compared with Google spending 30billion dollars to improve its infrastructure in the past three years, the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars is not much, which will speed up Google's data transmission speed and provide alternative routes in case of data failure in other fields

ben Treynor Sloss, vice president of Google cloud, sent a document saying, "these investments have jointly further improved our network, which is the largest enterprise network in the world, accounting for 25% of the total traffic of global Internet for the rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Companies like PayPal use our network and infrastructure to effectively carry out business."

it is worth mentioning that Google's "Curie" submarine cable system named after the famous scientist Madame Curie is the first intercontinental submarine cable system built by a private enterprise. "Curie" will become the first submarine cable system landing in Chile in recent 20 years. Once deployed, "Curie" will be the largest single data channel in Chile, serving Google users in Latin America

the investment in the new submarine optical cable system will also strengthen Google's ability to compete with Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure) in the highly competitive cloud computing field without affecting the final performance of products, which is enough to illustrate the strength of our enterprise

so far, Google has made direct investment in 11 submarine optical cable systems, some of which are under construction and some are still under planning. See the following figure for details:

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