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[grapevine news] JD laptop price change table 5/16~5/17

fans have been asking me: when will XXX cut prices? Will XXX reduce the price recently

promotion is a major strategy of e-commerce, and it is very difficult to get real background information

but 2. Buffer before consulting, we'd better know more about manufacturers with similar quality. The oil used in the comparator should be kept clean. Through our continuous communication with and manufacturers, we finally reached a strategic cooperation:

in the future, all's notebook computers, such as seconds kill, coupons, full discount and other promotional information will be provided to pen bar in advance. Pen bar can inform fans in advance, Get preferential prices for fans in need

I will sync twice a week




[full discount coupon]

the yellow mark is my personal recommended model, which is for reference only

The column of

sku refers to the product serial number. You can enter this series of numbers directly on JD app or page to accurately search the product information

the above is for your reference

strong anti pollution ability

source: lexuezhai it hot sales guide


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in order to facilitate understanding the latest notebook trends, collect the official flagship stores of tmall notebooks of various brands as follows: (there are the latest hot selling models, quotations, configurations and evaluations of notebooks of various brands with high scientific and technological requirements, understand the quotation market, and prevent being cheated by unscrupulous merchants)

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