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Guide: the development trend of mechanical engineering technology in the next 20 years is green, intelligent, extraordinary, integration and service. The "China Mechanical Engineering Technology Roadmap" released at the end of August 2011 points out the direction for the future development of China's machinery manufacturing industry. Vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, President of the China Mechanical Engineering Association

"the development trend of mechanical engineering technology in the next 20 years is green, intelligent, extraordinary, integration and service". The "China Mechanical Engineering Technology Roadmap" released at the end of August 2011 points out the direction for the future development of China's machinery manufacturing industry. Lu Yongxiang, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and chairman of the China Society of mechanical engineering, pointed out that China has become a global manufacturing country, but the development model is still relatively extensive, and the independent ability of core components and parts still needs to be strengthened. Further development faces many pressures such as energy, resources and environment, and innovation and breakthrough are urgently needed

In November 2011, Lu Yongxiang came to Sany Heavy Industry Headquarters in Changsha. Here, he was delighted to see that the five changes in the future are taking root, sprouting and bearing fruit in this leading enterprise in China's construction machinery industry. As an innovative enterprise with the responsibility of serving the country and leading the progress of the industry, Sany Heavy industry stands at a new starting point

machines should use their own core parts

on November 3, 2007, Lu Yongxiang visited Sany for the first time. At that time, the Sany 66m pump truck, which won the title of the world's longest boom pump truck not long ago, had just returned from the exhibition tour in Beijing, Shanghai and other places. In front of this pump truck, Lu Yongxiang praised Sany Heavy Industry as "the pride of Hunan, the pride of China, and the national hero of the new era", which greatly encouraged all R & D personnel. He particularly warned: we should adhere to the road of self-made core components

On November 14, 2011, Vice Chairman Lu Yongxiang came to Sany again for inspection. Under the warm reception of Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, Yi Xiaogang, executive president, and others, Lu Yongxiang and his delegation visited Sany's largest plant 18 in Asia, where they saw the grandeur of Sany's 86m pump truck, the world's longest boom pump truck. As a mechanical expert with deep attainments in the field of hydraulic and pneumatic, Lu Yongxiang has maintained long-term attention and strong interest in electrical and hydraulic technology. He said: "the longer the boom, the greater the pressure, the higher the technical content. Sany has always maintained the world's first pump truck boom length, which is great."

standing beside the concrete pump truck assembly line, Lu Yongxiang was full of praise for Sany's increasingly modern logistics system and accessory information system. Then, the machinery manufacturing expert turned to his side and opened the electric control cabinet of the pump truck beside him - he found that more and more parts in it were labeled by Sany Heavy Industry. He walked into the core parts exhibition area and examined these various and high-tech nuclear parts ready for corrosion resistance experiments. Lu Yongxiang told Sany four years ago to take the road of self-made core parts, which is already close at hand

as the world's largest concrete machinery manufacturer and the world's largest pump truck manufacturing base, Sany Heavy Industry has not only mastered the key technology of concrete pumping, but also continued to make breakthroughs in the self-made core parts

in 2006, the first special controller SYMC for construction machinery was successfully developed in Sany Heavy Industry. It is the first special controller in China that adapts to the harsh construction environment of construction machinery and has independent intellectual property rights. It not only fills the domestic gap, but also achieves the international advanced level in its comprehensive performance

"in the past, when installing products, it was easy to have external wires connected wrongly and short circuited, which made expensive equipment easy to be damaged. The 'thorough perception' of the host equipment after installing SYMC could allow customers to make mistakes: if the operator accidentally connected the wrong lines, it would automatically isolate and cut off, so that the machine would not be damaged and alarm in time." Zhou Xiang, general manager of Sany Intelligent Machine Control Co., Ltd., said

at present, the core control products represented by SYMC have been popularized and applied in the group's pumping, hoisting, pavement, port and other construction machinery, comprehensively improving the intelligent and autonomous level of Sany host. Moreover, the application of Sany intelligent core basic components and key technologies has directly increased the output value by more than 700million yuan, and greatly promoted the sales of Sany host products

from 66 meters to 86 meters, the leap of 20 meters benefited from Sany's independent research and development strategy on core devices. Just five days before Lu Yongxiang inspected Sany Heavy Industry, on November 9, 2011, at the scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting of "key technologies and applications of super long boom concrete pump truck" held in Hunan Province, Sany's innovative achievements in super long boom optimization design, vibration reduction control technology, intelligent control technology, safety monitoring technology and other aspects were highly affirmed by Tan Jianrong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and other appraisal experts, It is agreed that this achievement has reached the international leading level in key technologies and performance indicators

on December 25th, 2010, the first 400KW integrated variable frequency permanent magnet synchronous motor in China passed all performance tests at Sany electric and was successfully offline. This product is the first permanent magnet synchronous motor independently developed and designed in China, which integrates frequency conversion and speed regulation functions. Its successful offline broke the long-term dependence on imports of similar products in the industry. After testing, the performance of the product has reached or exceeded the international advanced level. Compared with imported products with the same power, the weight of the motor is reduced by 10%, the overload capacity is increased by 10%, and the efficiency is increased by 2%. It can be widely used in high energy consuming industries that need equipment transformation urgently, such as mines, docks, power plants, steel plants, etc

"now, with computers, Sany Heavy Industry is a famous enterprise. I hope you will continue to follow this path of independent innovation and create a better tomorrow." At the end of the inspection, Lu Yongxiang was full of expectations for the future of Sany group. "You are not only the pride of the nation, but also the pride of the world's industrial manufacturing." Lu Yongxiang said

green "leap" starts from 20%

in 2011, the road machinery division under Sany Heavy Industry launched a series of products called "leap". Compared with the previous complete sets of pavement machinery, this series of products reduce the energy consumption by 10% to 20% compared with similar products. Take the full hydraulic grader for example, because it has the characteristics of full hydraulic drive, stepless speed change, consistent driving speed before and after, the working efficiency is increased by 20%, and the fuel is saved by 20%

"leapfrog" series is just an epitome of Sany's march into green manufacturing. As we all know, the idea of construction machinery as a high-power graceful branch in the Chinese market is high-power equipment. While building a better life and creating great wealth for mankind, it also brings some adverse consequences such as environmental pollution. In order to promote a virtuous economic cycle and build a conservation oriented society, the research on energy-saving and consumption reduction technology of construction machinery is urgent

as early as a few years ago, Sany Heavy Industry put forward the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation of construction machinery. At that time, in order to meet the requirements of the ever-changing working conditions of the load on the construction site, domestic construction machinery manufacturers generally used the maximum power mode of the engine to operate. Although this met the requirements of different working conditions, the engine speed could not be adjusted immediately with the change of the load, resulting in a large amount of fuel waste

According to Yi Xiaogang, chief scientist of Sany Heavy Industry, there is an energy chain match among the engine, transfer case and main oil pump of the concrete pump truck. If there is no good match between the three due to the change of concrete grade and pumping speed during the pumping process, energy loss will occur

From 2008, Sany Heavy industry began to develop a new generation of dynamic energy-saving mode, which took three years to succeed. Among them, the automatic identification system of full power automatic adaptation energy-saving technology can automatically adjust the power, speed and torque of the engine in a few seconds, so that the three can achieve a perfect match. The traditional way of "burning as much oil as you give" has been completely overturned and changed to the way of "giving as much oil as you want". Sany Heavy Industry has therefore become the only construction machinery enterprise to achieve the power matching of the whole mechanical equipment

in 2010, the energy-saving invention patent "an energy-saving control method for concrete delivery pump" developed by Yi Xiaogang won the gold medal of the Chinese patent award. In addition to the full power automatic adaptation technology, its high-efficiency and energy-saving hydraulic technology can reduce the reversing time of S-tube valve from 0.52 seconds to 0.38 seconds, and the reversing cycle from 2 seconds to 1.86 seconds, reducing the loss of energy. The energy-saving technology of cooling system can reduce energy consumption by controlling the temperature of the whole hydraulic system

energy efficiency has always been the unique label of Sany excavator. Since 2009, more than 300 excavator competitions have been held across the country. Sany excavator competed with major brands on the same platform, and finally won the top with absolute advantages. The fuel consumption is about 10% lower than that of other brands on average, and the operation efficiency is about 8% higher than that of other brands. In a survey conducted by the China Quality Association in 2011, the fuel economy of Sany excavator surpassed that of Komatsu in Japan and Carter in the United States, ranking first

with the help of the three core technologies of "full power automatic adaptation energy-saving technology, high-efficiency energy-saving hydraulic technology and cooling system energy-saving technology", the new generation of dynamic energy-saving mode of Sany Heavy Industry has been promoted and applied in a series of products, resulting in an average oil saving of 20% for pumping products, 30% for graders, 28% for pavers and more than 30% for excavators, leading the development direction of energy conservation and emission reduction in the construction machinery industry

"remanufacturing" makes machines "reborn"

in China, most of the waste engineering machinery is often recycled as scrap iron and returned to the scrap iron plant for recycling, which causes a great waste of resources

in August 2009, the state promulgated the circular economy promotion law, which brought remanufacture into the legal scope for the first time. In December of the same year, Sany Heavy Industry was selected into the first batch of 35 remanufacture pilot enterprises announced by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the "Hunan Sany construction machinery remanufacture company" was established. On January 28, 2011, the implementation plan of Hunan Sany engineering machinery remanufacture pilot passed the review organized by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and sany Group officially became a remanufacture pilot enterprise recognized by the Ministry of industry and information technology. According to the implementation plan, Sany Heavy Industry will carry out the remanufacture of parts and complete vehicles within the group

at that time, the outside world had high expectations for Sany to join the remanufacturing ranks. During the on-the-spot investigation and review organized by the Ministry of industry and information technology, many experts were full of confidence in the road of Sany remanufacture and expressed "the hope that Sany can become a benchmark for the remanufacture of China's construction machinery". The industry commented that "Sany's participation has shown more imagination for the development of the remanufacturing industry"

the repair of parts is like a precise medical operation. Only enterprises that have reached a high technical threshold can enter. In 2003, Komatsu of Japan entered the remanufacturing field of construction machinery in China, becoming one of the enterprises that entered earlier. In 2008, caterpillar established the third remanufacturing center in the world in Shanghai. In the first half of 2009, it successively established remanufacturing recycling points in Guangdong, Sichuan and other places

in China, Zoomlion, which lives in the same city with Sany Heavy Industry, entered the remanufacturing field earlier. In 2006, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. took the lead in starting the engine remanufacture project through introduction and modification

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