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Reshaping the new security standard, Xinhua 3 adds another insurance for data storage

Xinhua 3 group under Ziguang recently announced that the first is range selection: cloth. During the period from October 1, 2019 to January 30, 2020, if you buy Xinhua 3 Primera, 3Par and nimble flash memory systems, you will receive a free storage insurance service, including property insurance, data loss, business downtime and information disclosure protection

this insurance is jointly launched by Chengtai insurance and PICC. As the first formal insurance product for storage devices and data services in the industry, this service of Xinhua three group also promotes the concept of data reliability to a higher dimension

enterprise digital transformation continues to evolve in depth. Ensuring data security and reliability has become the basis for the success of enterprise digital transformation, and it is also a crucial link. As the bearer of data, the traditional core storage system is vulnerable to various reliability challenges, including disasters, accidents, human factors, including system downtime, data loss, information leakage and other risks. These risks are not only common, but also will bring immeasurable economic losses to enterprises once they occur

in the face of these storage risks, most enterprises still cannot completely avoid problems by paying huge costs. A number of products under Xinhua Group III, including Primera, 3Par and nimble, have long provided extreme performance, strong expansion capability and eternal availability for customer information systems; At the same time, the infosight intelligent prophet system also brings users a new application experience of automation and intelligence

this time, Xinhua Group 3 announced that it would provide customers with storage insurance services, which not only provides the highest level of data reliability at the technical level, but also provides a more comprehensive and perfect guarantee for data and system security from the legal point of view

from October 1st, 2019 to January 31st, 2020, all customers who purchase the new generation Primera series storage products; Customers who purchase 3Par full flash storage and configure 24 SSD disks, the first 50; And customers who buy nimble and 3Par storage and open infosight prophet intelligent operation and maintenance system can get a property insurance and information technology application service insurance jointly underwritten by Chengtai insurance and PICC, which supports 465 projects

the insurance can pay the corresponding amount of economic compensation for the equipment damage caused by natural disasters or accidents included in the service terms, as well as the data loss caused by the information technology application service provider. At the same time, the insurance also provides a certain amount of compensation for some incidental economic losses caused by the above circumstances, such as legal fees, notification fees, announcement fees and other related losses. The friction and wear testing machine is one of the most common friction and wear testing machines in the scientific research of solid mechanics; So as to add a complete and independent security insurance for users' data and business security

at present, many domestic users have received insurance services for new equipment in advance

storage is an important part of the digital infrastructure in the precision adjustable gain adjustment knob of the spring experimental machine calibrated by the 0.3-level standardized dynamometer of the digital brain program of Xinhua third group. As a leader in digital solutions, xinhuansan takes the development concept of smart leading new normal and smart drawing new future as its development concept, and brings the world's top storage technologies, products and industry-leading data storage solutions to users of hundreds of industries

the insurance commitment launched this time not only highlights the technical confidence of Xinhua three group in Primera, 3Par and other key business products, but also promotes the two concepts of storage service and data reliability to a new level. In the process of digital transformation, protecting users' data value is not only the core goal of Xinhua three products, but also a solemn commitment with legal effect

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