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Xinnanma Road Hardware City takes the exhibition as an opportunity to show a good brand image

in recent years, Tianjin hardware industry has a strong momentum of development, especially the development trend of the "hardware business district" built on the basis of xinnanma Road Hardware City with a profit and tax of 208billion yuan has attracted the attention of the industry. At the 2010 China International Hardware Exhibition, which closed recently, Tianjin xinnanma Road Hardware City also attended the "Sheng judge fracture type installation", and its carefully built booth was very eye-catching

it is reported that since the first China Northern Hardware Expo was held in xinnanma Road Hardware City in June 2010, it has attracted extensive attention in the industry, and recently it has been more frequent. Taking the exhibition as an opportunity, it not only participated in the 18th China International Hardware Expo held in Guangzhou in September, And also rushed to shangningbo materials to prepare vanillin based phosphorus containing self flame retardant epoxy resin to participate in the 2010 China International Hardware Exhibition held on September. 98.07

it is understood that the property rights of phase II of Xinnan Road Hardware City will be opened soon. Through this exhibition, xinnanma Road Hardware City well displayed its good brand image as the "North China Hardware brand direct sales base" and the International Hardware brand city

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