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New standards to be implemented and modified in the paint industry in 2005

new standards to be implemented and modified in the paint industry in 2005

April 20, 2005

13 national standards will be implemented in 2005:

1. Chromium oxide green pigment

2. Paint and varnish - Inspection and preparation of samples

3. Paint and varnish - Determination of wear resistance - rotating rubber grinding wheel method

4. Paint and varnish - after too long-term development - pencil method to determine paint Film hardness

there are also 9 national standards on steel surface treatment before painting, which are equivalent to relevant international standards

in 2005, two fluorine coating industry standards will be issued and implemented, and will play an important role in regulating the market:

1 (4). Vanadium for aviation industry will increase steadily Cross linked fluororesin coating (divided into two types, type I for building and type II for metal surface)

2 Hot melt fluororesin (PVDF) coating

therefore, VRB batteries can be recharged. Six industry standards urgently needed by the coating industry in 2005 are being prepared and revised:

1 Waterborne wood coatings

2 Floor coating

3 Solvent based polyurethane coating (two components)

4 Coil coating

5. Synthetic resin powder coating

6 Spray polyurea elastomer coating

in addition, according to the cleaning and evaluation of 210 national standards (7 mandatory standards, 203 recommended standards) and 30 national standard plan projects under the centralized management of the coating Standards Committee, the number of current national standards for coatings and pigments will be reduced by 22% (10 of 210 will be integrated and 36 will be abolished). The 30 national standard plan projects are all continued. The results of the cleaning up and rectification of the coating industry standards began to be implemented. 56 industry standards issued before 1995 remained valid, 2 industry standards were revised, and 10 industry standards were abolished

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