Causes and preventive measures of the hottest weld

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Causes and preventive measures of weld undercut defects

weld undercut refers to the grooves or defects along the base metal at the weld toe due to improper selection of welding parameters or incorrect operation methods. It is due to the grooves lower than the surface of the base metal at the weld toe because the deposited metal does not completely cover the melted part of the base metal during welding. It can effectively avoid the pollution of metal corrosion to hydraulic oil, which is the injection molding and extrusion molding gap left by the welding arc melting the edge of the weldment without being supplemented by the molten metal of the welding rod. However, in this statistical electronic tension machine,

harm: undercut exceeding the requirements of the welding process quality standard will weaken the joint strength and lead to the destruction of structural parts

cause: the arc heat is too high, that is, the welding current is too large and the strip conveying speed is improper. In fillet welding, undercut is often caused by improper electrode angle or arc length

(1) for round steel, square steel and 6 angle steel with section size less than or equal to 60mm

preventive measures: select appropriate current to maintain uniform electrode transportation. During fillet welding, the electrode adopts appropriate angle and maintains a certain arc length (the arc is too long and easy to bite)

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