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Reasons and solutions for four kinds of paper jam in the printer

first, paper jam in the printer and its solutions

during the frequent use of the printer, there are often failures that can't handle the paper, most of which are paper jam, no paper feeding, multi page paper feeding at one time and random paper walking. How to deal with these failures

1. Whether the surface of the printing paper is flat. If there is paper jam in the printer, first of all, check whether the surface of the printing paper is flat. If there is paper curling or folding, it is best to use a paper with flat and smooth surface, and ensure that there is no adhesive like attachment on the surface of the printing paper

2. The printing paper is too thin or too much. It must be ensured that the quality of the printing paper is more than 60g. If the printing paper is too thin, it will make it difficult for the printer to feed paper, and it is easy to cause paper jam in the printer. And the printing paper loaded at one time should not be too thick

3. The paper taking roller is worn. The paper taking roller is the most easily worn part of the printer. When the paper in the paper tray is normal and cannot be taken out, it is often the paper taking roller is worn or the spring is loose. There is not enough pressure to feed the paper into the machine. If the paper take-up roller is worn and cannot be replaced at the moment, wrap a rubber band for emergency treatment. After wrapping the rubber band, the paper take-up friction is increased, which can make the paper feed return to normal

4. Others. Improper installation of the paper tray and poor paper quality (too thin, too thick, damp) may also cause paper jams or failure to take paper

II. Reasons for not feeding paper and solutions

1. Too much printing paper is put in. First check whether the installation of the printing paper meets the standard, for example, whether the loading position has exceeded the arrow mark on the left guide rail of the printer. If so, the printing paper must be reduced

2. Foreign body blockage. Check whether there is any foreign matter blocking inside the printer. For example, if there is paper jam in the printer, it will lead to no paper feeding. If there is any foreign matter, it must be eliminated. When removing it, be sure to turn off the printer power first, and then carefully remove the foreign matter. If you want to take out the paper clip, you must slowly pull out the paper clip along the paper output direction. After taking out the paper clip, you should also check whether there are residual paper fragments, and ensure that the paper fragments are also removed

3. The printing paper is wet. If the used printing paper is stored for a long time and the surface feels wet, it may also not feed the paper. At this time, what we need to do is to dry the printing paper

4. Whether the ink is used up. The indicator light of black ink cartridge or color ink cartridge flashes or lights up, indicating that the ink is about to run out. If the ink cartridge is empty, the printer will not be able to feed paper

III. feed multiple sheets of paper at one time for four reasons

1. Position of printing paper. The position swing angle of the printing paper needs to be adjusted by professionals. Incorrect placement will lead to the entry of multiple pages of paper. The correct paper height cannot be higher than the arrow mark on the left guide rail of the paper slot; Secondly, check whether the specifications of printing paper meet the use requirements: six industries with a weight of up to 6 have put forward useful ideas and measures for transformation and upgrading. Only 0-180 grams of printing paper can meet the requirements, while ultra-thin printing paper less than 60 grams is easy to feed more paper at the same time

2. The curl degree of the printing paper surface. Curling also leads to the entry of multiple pages at a time. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the surface of the printing paper is flat and smooth. If it is slightly curled, you can find a way to flatten it

3. Influence of electrostatic induction. Electrostatic induction will also cause the phenomenon of feeding multiple pages at a time. Before installing the printing paper, spread out the printing paper in a fan-shaped manner to ensure that each paper can be separated separately, and then load the printing paper into the paper guide slot in the correct way

4. Adjust the position of the lever. For printers with paper thickness adjustment function, it is very important to adjust the position of the adjustment lever. When using different paper, the position of the paper thickness adjusting rod is also different, for example, when using conventional thickness printing paper, the position of the adjusting rod must be set to 0. Of course, the speed control and displacement control principles of different tensile testing machines are basically similar. The adjustment standard of the printer for the adjusting rod is different. It is best to refer to the manual

4. The printer shuffles the paper

when printing to a page, a section of paper is suddenly empty, and then it automatically continues to print. This is often the reason why the printer has been used for a long time, and the paper detection switch contacts have poor contact due to wear and dust, which leads to the printer making wrong judgments. Disassemble the printer, find the paper detection switch and carefully clean it with alcohol, which can return to normal

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