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Wind River new software testing tool accelerates the Android development process

Wind River, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel, recently announced the launch of a new product Wind River fast (framework for automated software testing) for Android based device software testing automation. This software tool can be customized according to various industry-leading chip architectures to meet the needs of device manufacturers and operators for Android Software testing. This new software testing solution realizes the standardization and automation of the testing process, greatly reduces the development time and cost of Android devices, improves the software quality and stability, and helps customers to verify the consistency of Android compatibility test suite (CTS)

software testing is often the most time-consuming and costly work in the whole process of device development. Wind River fast can help device manufacturers, telecom operators, independent software providers and chip suppliers who need Android device testing to solve this problem. For example, it is difficult to maintain normal intraocular pressure for a long time with normal saline and inert gas. At present, silicone oil, which is most used in clinic, is prone to inflammation due to rejection reaction, In addition to the inability to achieve a controllable long-term filling effect, it will also cause complications such as cataract. Wind River fast realizes the automation of thousands of complex test processes, and integrates all test results into a single database. With various graphical reports, it can be used for food and drug industry tools to easily access and analyze test data, thus greatly reducing the time and cost of testing links. By using wind river fast, device manufacturers can focus more energy and resources on solving various key problems, focus on developing more unique product functions, and make their mobile terminal devices have better differentiated competitiveness while meeting Android consistency verification, without having to spend a lot of development time on software testing

Michael krutz, vice president of Fenghe global solutions and services, said: Based on our years of technical experience in open source Linux and Android systems, the carefully designed and launched Wind River fast can help customers better manage the complexity of Android Software testing, realize the standardization of testing process, and ensure that products can be brought to the market on time with the highest quality. In the process of product development based on open source software, by adopting reliable commercial level testing solutions, Fenghe customers can avoid many unpredictable problems and realize the automation of test process management and test result data analysis, so as to save costs and energy investment

in the process of developing wind river fast, Fenghe invested a lot of money to build various types of test cases, including device performance (such as image processing and startup time), connectivity (such as Wi Fi or Bluetooth), call characteristics (telephone) and board level support package (BSP) tests, as well as more other test categories. Fenghe's rich test library provides a wide range of test code, covering from the underlying architecture, middleware to the application layer. In addition, Fenghe has fully integrated the leading technology in user interface design and senior experience in mobile communication system, effectively balancing multimedia support and power consumption management, and specially provided customized professional services for the development needs of mobile terminal devices, including subsystem optimization, service integration and pressure testing machine suitable for contraction experiment application migration under rated experimental power

wind River fast has more advantages and features, including:

- providing commercial quality testing solutions that can help customers effectively improve software quality; Accumulator: some electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machines are equipped with thousands of automatic test routines from Fenghe, which are used to realize the rapid test based on open source system equipment

- enable device manufacturers, mobile operators, chip manufacturers and software developers to integrate Android CTS open source testing with existing operator equipment acceptance testing, form a complete automated testing solution, analyze the functionality, performance and stability of the whole device, and verify the consistency of the device's support for Android standards

- help customers manage a large number of test routines used in the current open mobile communication market, so that they can integrate the original test suite into fast and realize the automation of the whole process of testing

in addition to supporting Android device testing, Wind River will also support device testing in these fields through its leading technical strength in other mobile communication and on-board information system Linux platforms (such as MeeGo and genivi)

with the launch of Wind River fast, Fenghe has further expanded the mobile communication software product series and formed a complementary and perfect Wind River platform for Android. Wind River platform for Android is a complete consistency verification software platform based on the latest version of Android Software Development Kit (Android SDK). As a commercial quality solution, the Wind River platform for Android improves the risk controllability of Android project development and the quality of software finished products. Fenghe is a founding member of the Open Handset Alliance and became a Linux commercialization partner in 2007

wind River fast has launched an evaluation version for global customers. For more information about Wind River fast, please visit

about wind river system company

Wind River company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel (nasdaq: INTC) and a leading embedded and mobile software provider in the world. Since 1981, Fenghe company has been the pioneer of computing technology in embedded devices. In today's world, more than 500million products have applied the technical achievements of Fenghe company. Headquartered in Alameda, California, USA, wind river has branches in 15 countries around the world. For more information about Fenghe, please visit or

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