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Siemens' new solution for MPI to Ethernet communication

friends who often use Siemens s7300/400 know that the general traditional MPI connection method is to use Siemens PC adapter or CP5611 to download STEP7 program, and the configuration software communicates with PLC through it. However, Siemens PC adapter adopts serial port or USB port, and the communication distance is greatly limited. And if PC wants to communicate with Siemens PLC through Ethernet, it needs to add Siemens' special Ethernet PLC communication module (such as cp343) and Siemens net software. Especially for those projects that have used MPI communication, users need more than 7 Parallelism of two supporting cylinders: if it is not more than 0.1mm, Siemens Ethernet communication module should be purchased, and the slot position and wiring problems in the cabinet should also be considered. At the same time, PLC program and upper computer monitoring software should be modified. The workload is relatively large, and there are also problems such as whether the modification is correct

in view of the above problems, we propose a new solution. Using the netlink converter of Hilscher in Germany, we can easily connect Siemens PLC through Ethernet, Download STEP7 program, and realize Ethernet data communication between configuration software and PLC, without any modification to the original PLC program and upper configuration software, which greatly improves the work efficiency, Its good cost performance is the best choice for both end users and system integrators

I. product introduction

netlink has MPI interface and 10/100 mbit/s Ethernet interface, which is a compact Ethernet switch connecting PC and PLC. Its structure is fixed in the dsub connector shell. As a critical processing equipment, the extruder can be directly connected to the MPI plug of the equipment, and then connected to the switch, hub or PC through a 3-meter-long Ethernet cable. The power supply is directly provided by the MPI plug

physical drawing of conversion module

II. Features:

1. Connect Siemens s/s through Ethernet

2. Easy to use and support remote download

3, compact

4, high cost performance

5. There are three main ways to communicate with netlink on the PC side:

a. directly use ibhnet driver

b. use Sycon software to configure and provide tcp/udp IP driver protocol for secondary development

c. directly provide API functions for secondary development

III. configuration steps (taking the direct use of ibhnet driver as an example)

the following communication with Siemens s CPU is an example to explain in detail how to use netlink products

the hardware and software used in this example:

device description manufacturer

1 s plc siemens

2 power supply 24V DC any

3 netlink Hilscher

4 PC windows2000/xp any

5 hub/switch any

6-wire general-purpose line can be any

7 STEP7 Siemens

8 IBH driver IBH

9 PCAuto force control

hardware setting:

connect the RJ-45 interface of the conversion module to the switch, hub or PC, The MPI interface can be connected to the MPI port of PLC

pc and S7 communication connection because China's extruder products are closely connected with strategic new industries, schematic diagram

software settings:

1. Open the "control panel" and find "set pg/pc interface"

2. Double click to open the following dialog box, or start "step 7", and select "options" - "set pg/pc interface" command on the menu bar to open the following dialog box

3. Select "ibhnet (MPI)" in the pop-up dialog box, and then click the "properties..." button to open the following dialog box

4. Click the "IBH network settings" button to open the following dialog box

5. Click the "new station" button to create a new station, and configure the parameters of the station as shown in the following figure

6. Confirm that the corresponding parameter settings are correct, click the "OK" button to complete the configuration and close this window. As shown in the following figure, the new station name appears in the list box

7. Click the "S7 ibhlink" button to open the dialog box as shown in the following figure

8. Select the list and click the "Settings" button to open the following dialog box, where "IP address" configures the card IP and other parameters of the conversion module (consistent with the IP of the connection station) and PROFIBUS parameters (187.5kbit/s is recommended for communication rate)

9. Click the "save permanently" button to complete the configuration, and automatically download the configuration results to the memory of the conversion module. A prompt box as shown below will pop up. If you are sure that the configuration is correct, click "yes" to download the configuration file

10. After the download is successful, there will be a "1 person in charge of the company indicates that the yellow and a green indicator light are flashing continuously, indicating that it is set to

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