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New starting point, new dream and dual brands surpass

Liaoning Han's Guanhua China print 2013 exhibition record (brilliant)

on May 14 and 18, 2013, the eighth Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (China print 2013) was held as scheduled. China print is the world's largest and most influential printing industry event, and top printing equipment suppliers and related industry providers from the world will compete on the same stage, Show our customers the latest technological achievements and development direction of the printing and packaging industry

Liaoning Han's Guanhua, with the theme of new starting point, new dream and double brand transcendence, brought the two major brand series products of Xiaoyuan Guanhua to the grand exhibition

Han's Guanhua has a booth of nearly 1000 square meters in hall W2, and its products cover the whole production process of prepress, printing and post printing. The printing solutions with high-end large format printing, green and environmental friendly water-based glazing printing, Jingyi business printing, 4. Processing program differentiation grating stereo printing, self turning special printing, June 13, and fast business printing as the core were exhibited; Prepress computer direct plate making system (CTP) and printing process closed-loop control system characterized by digitization, automation, high precision, high usability and high matching; And the laser die-cutting machine with the advantages of high technology, high efficiency, high added value, low cost and high efficiency. All models in the exhibition are representative works of Han's Guanhua that meet the market development and the actual needs of customers, and some of them are launched globally

in Han's Guanhua belief, the needs and interests of customers are above all else. The R & D and design of products are also based on the starting point of expanding market space for customers and obtaining greater profits. The high-end large format printing machine of Xiaoyuan brand is also the first time to appear in the domestic exhibition. It has become the focus of attention of customers, media and industry. Through the force sensor and the corresponding electronic amplification circuit, the relative error of the force indication can be kept unchanged, and the force measurement accuracy can be greatly improved by improving the quality of the force sensor and the corresponding electronic amplification circuit

Han's crown Chinese have a vision: to be the world's most influential supplier of rapid printing integration. Tens of thousands of customers and Guanhua worked tirelessly to realize this vision. We cherish this heavy support and trust, and we work hard with gratitude, hoping to climb the peak one by one and provide customers with better equipment and services

now, with the majestic power of Centennial Xiaoyuan quality, combined with its own advantages, Han's Guanhua stands at a new starting point, and joins hands with you in China print2013 to make a wish, release new dreams, and create new brilliance

Han's Guanhua booth W2 006 looks forward to your visit

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