The hottest new starting point, new dream, and dua

The hottest new standard for exhaust emissions in

The hottest new stainless steel sensor from Rockwe

The hottest new species of Rococo Rocco in 2017 Be

Causes and preventive measures of tube explosion o

The hottest new starting point of China's industri

The hottest new starting point, high standard Shan

The hottest new species of smart office, China Sou

Causes and preventive measures of water shortage i

The hottest new solution for Siemens MPI to Ethern

Simple manufacturing method of the hottest large m

The hottest new special film for vegetable greenho

Causes and remedial measures for shrinkage of the

Causes and preventive measures of the hottest fall

The hottest new software testing tool accelerates

Causes and solutions of four kinds of paper jam in

Simple grinding method of blanking forming die for

The hottest new starting point in the 12th Five Ye

The hottest new solid-state battery is now making

Causes and preventive measures of the hottest weld

Simple operation method of the hottest crusher

The hottest new standard to be implemented and mod

Causes and solutions of coking in the hottest heat

Simple diagram of the hottest VDI tool holder sele

The hottest new starting point and new journey ope

The hottest new software robot developed by the Un

The hottest new South Road Hardware City takes the

The hottest new standard for reshaping security, X

Simple packaging is more popular under the most po

Simple scenario of workflow automation at the begi

The hottest new star in shale gas new energy field

The hottest new starting point of Sany Heavy Indus

Hottest global smartphone shipments fell year-on-y

The hottest propane export terminal in Canada expo

Hottest Guangzhou Petrochemical PP price dynamics

The hottest promotion of internet intelligent manu

The hottest projects promote the high-quality deve

Hottest gossip JD notebook price change table 5165

Hottest global refined zinc material surplus of 20

Hottest Guangzhou Petrochemical LLDPE price dynami

The hottest promotion of robot development require

The hottest promotion of high-quality development

The hottest promotion of core business growth econ

The hottest promise is to remove hundreds of poles

The hottest propakchina promotes a new round of pa

Hottest global robot market analysis in the first

Hottest graphene materials and graphene based supe

Hottest Google builds three more submarine optical

The hottest property market is depressed, and the

Hottest grace acquires BASF polyolefin catalyst bu

Hottest Haier ls55m3155 inch 4K

The hottest propane inventory in the United States

The hottest propaganda industry company focuses on

Hottest gold source futures up and down dilemma PT

The hottest project with an investment of 3million

Top 1 billion packages a day to see how the three

Hottest global wind power installed capacity will

The hottest projects release a lot of funds in bat

Hottest global steel demand keeps growing in 2018

Hottest global propylene demand may increase to 13

Hottest global rubber demand may increase by 31 in

The hottest promotion of industrial integration, t

The hottest proofyourself brand new color manageme

Hottest Google builds Asia's largest cloud computi

The hottest property market is tropical. The annua

Summary of the most popular special printing techn

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic market on Nove

The valve stem of Zhiyuan valve, a flow regulating

Summary of the most popular warship machinery in t

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic market on Dece

Summary of the most popular domestic market of eth

Summary of the most popular metal material market

Summary of the single week market of the hottest p

Summary of the most popular medical packaging poli

Summary of unit price of natural rubber trading re

Latest quotation of Shenzhen plastic market on Jul

Summary of transaction price of natural rubber on

Summary of the technical development of the hottes

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic market on Nove

Summary of the most popular domestic titanium diox

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic market on Marc

Summary of the most popular die finishing

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic market on Marc

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic raw materials

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic market on Janu

Summary of unit price of natural rubber trading re

Latest quotation of Shenzhen plastic market on Jul

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic market on Sept

Latest quotation of Shenzhen plastic market on Aug

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic market on July

In depth analysis of market capacity strategic lay

Colorful children's room decoration allows childre

Iberi full house customization tells you how to de

Margo summons the hero to come quickly

Is the ceramic tile paved seamlessly or with seams

Yama King introduces the types of wood door paint

Finishing of decoration renderings of Kailai City

Meike wood door manufacturers remind us that there

Different lighting styles create different atmosph

The decoration in the second half of the year must

Eight performances of yunzhicai aluminum alloy doo

Aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers can b

Five key points of Yidun safety door and window sa

Tips for purchasing solid wood dining tables

How to deal with the new normal wardrobe enterpris

Xindi home Meimu door is only for making your home

School enterprise joint construction helps industr

Choose environment-friendly and energy-saving door

Netizen mm 10000 gets 53 flat dwelling stingy deco

Customized by Shanghai customized wardrobe manufac

Soft on the outside and hard on the inside, 30000

Work together to create the future. In the first h

Simple decoration style design feeling simple and

The goal and function of hardware system in the de

Effect drawing of small apartment decoration of Wu

Moganshan household porch cabinet shoe cabinet non

Moman Wallpapers Wallpapers of the same quality an

Ou Shilai was interviewed by Huiya, and marketing

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic market on Janu

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic market on Nove

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic market on July

Summary of the three quarterly reports of the hott

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic market on Marc

Summary of the Symposium on the application of the

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic market on May

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic market on Dece

Latest quotation of Shenzhen plastic market on Jul

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic market on July

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic market on Janu

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic market on Sept

Summary of the most popular green plastic flexible

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic market on June

Summary of unit price of natural rubber trading re

Summary of the most popular epoxy resin market tod

Latest quotation of Shenzhen plastic market on Mar

Summary of the most popular PP market in Asia in o

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic market on Febr

Summary of top ten Linux security management skill

Summary of transaction price of natural rubber on

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic market on Octo

Latest quotation of Shantou plastic market on Dece

Summary of the most popular spot PP market in one

Summary of transaction prices of the hottest natur

Summary of the most popular screen printing featur

Summary of the most popular printing awards at hom

Summary of the most popular n-butanol outer disk m

Summary of the three-year revitalization plan for

Exclusive interview with Mr. Su, the founder of SY

Exclusive interview with Thoma, global automation

Review of bisphenol A in child care products

Review and Prospect of world printing industry

Review and Prospect of the application of new tech

Review and Prospect of the national waste book and

Exclusive interview with Sony TV executives Sony h

Exclusive interview with 3gppran chairman 5g

Review meeting for trial scheme of multi wheel com

Review and Prospect of world construction machiner

Exclusive interview with tea of Samsung Electronic

Exclusive interview with Cao he, vice president of

Accelerate the construction of modern agricultural

Review of 2012 global printing industry investment

Exclusive interview with President Li of Beijing G

Exclusive interview preview of Hitachi Constructio

Exclusive interview with wangfawen, chairman of An

Exclusive interview with head of Yiao hardware too

Review and Reflection on technological innovation

First export of cfg25 drilling rig of Hebei Xinhe

Analysis on three factors of sustainable developme

Tank explosion at a vinyl acetate plant in Tengzho

First impression of product packaging

Analysis on the world tobacco pattern of tobacco p

Analysis on three major causes of difficulties in

First introduction to digital proofing

National energy Yulin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.,

First hand information on the transfer of first-cl

Analysis on the world market of plastic mixing mac

Tanxuguang attends the first meeting of China Germ

Tangwenbin AI wants to make machines do what peopl

Review and Prospect of UAV real name registration

Analysis on the working principle of plastic mecha

Exclusive interview with app vice president of Jin

Analysis on trade competitiveness of German constr

Tank guard intelligent management system has been

Analysis on three trends of hardware industry deve

First generation valve Danfoss T2 series thermal e

First fire truck exit in spring

Tangwenhua, the bareheaded detective in the pipeli

First efijetrion4000 in Europe

Analysis on three steps of enterprise human resour

Tangshili, member of the Standing Committee of the

National experts discuss agricultural mechanizatio

National environmental protection officials say it

National fiber Standardization Technical Committee

National exchange of experience and technology in

Xi'an Weijing electronics introduces high reliabil

National equipment industry group survey symposium

Tanxuguang attends the 20th Shandong Taiwan econom

First instance judgment on Jingxu's infringement o

National fixed asset investment increased by 10% i

Tanjianrong, academician of the Chinese Academy of

Exclusive interview with general manager of Senyua

National Engineering Laboratory of tire equipment

Review and summary of the development of machinery

Review and summary of digital printing market

Advantages of UVLED light source technology over t

Explosive growth of China's label market profit po

Advantages of V760 face milling cutter series

Exploring the sustainable future with the opportun

Explosion of 801 glue produced illegally in Shangh

Exploring the secrets of openstack Vancouver Summi

Advantages of water-based adhesives

Advantages of UV printing in newspaper printing 0

Explosion and ammonia leakage in Yueqing No. 1 dye

Advantages of U-section arm of truck crane

Advantages of water-based inks in the printing ind

Advantages of two tone printing

Natural rubber market in Shanghai on October 8

Trillions of railway public infrastructure are int

Explosion of propylene Formosa Plastics triggered

Explosion at a chemical plant in Daxing, Beijing

Advantages of using adhesives in printing and bind

Explosion of carbon black water tank of Beijing Do





Natural rubber market in North China

Natural rubber market on the border between China

The world's first methanol futures contract was su

Asian naphtha cracking price drops to demand for m

What is the progress of instrument sharing after t

Brief comment on PP warehouse receipt in early tra

Brief comment on PP market of China Plastics wareh

Open source enterprise telephone system

Brief comment on PP warehouse receipt closing on A

Open source communication openvox launched HD comm

Open the door of intelligent motor control 0

Natural rubber market dynamics of the Ministry of

Asian metallocene LLDPE replaces more LLDPE cities

Brief comment on PP market of China Plastics wareh

Brief comment on PP market of sinoplastics warehou

Brief comment on PP market of China Plastics wareh

Brief comment on PP warehouse receipt closing on A

Open six dimensional space to media integration

Brief comment on PP warehouse receipt in early tra

Open source automatic outbound call system

Open standards are important for the popularizatio

Brief comment on PP market of China Plastics wareh

Open up the supply chain and the lighting industry

Open source promotes enterprise digital transforma

Brief comment on PP warehouse receipt in early tra

Open up a blue ocean of career in continuous innov

Brief comment on PP warehouse receipt in early tra

Open up ideas and embrace the future tiger new mat

Brief comment on PP market of China Plastics wareh

Openai creates a mechanical arm that can be used i

Open up the central and Western markets and win tr

Asian naphtha prices soared to a record high, and

Broadwin officially released webacces

Plastic PP daily review continuous narrowing of pl

Plastic price in Shenzhen market on December 15

Plastic plays an indispensable role in the consume

Plastic products need to meet global environmental

Bronze medal of the second China International Tea

Plastic products machinery manufacturing competiti

Broaden the raw material channel of phenolic plast

Plastic pollution tends to be severe, and the trea

BroadSoft announces connect

Plastic pollution control will be difficult

XCMG participated in the construction of Venezuela

Brother brother expands its inkjet fight in the Ph

Brokerage industry staged machine replacement

Broadwell Mini meter, a new super energy-saving gr

Brother Guangguang of Panjin made his first attemp

Asian naphtha rose and PE market fell slightly

Plastic production in Hungary increased by 70% in

Plastic processing technology forum to be held nex

Plastic products enterprises meet the examination

Plastic products market forecast

Plastic products are expected to become a new pill

Broom into history Beijing Xueyuan Road set up a m

Brother Bing installed street lamps for his hometo

Broken tempered glass of screen door of Shanghai R

Plastic pppe market forecast next week

Broken glass utilization needs policy support

Plastic prices in Yuyao and other markets on Janua

Broken finger skill reappears in the Jianghu. Who

Broken line and its elimination of poor die surfac

Plastic products are expected to grow by 10% in th

Brother company launches universal label printer

Plastic price in Qilu Chemical City on July 23

Natural rubber market in Shanghai on October 15

Asian naphtha prices fell more than $20, and the c

Brown US magazine wrote that low-carbon technology

Plastic bottle packaging is gradually accepted by

Plastic bottles become fashionable lamps and lante

Brunei methanol plant starts to export methanol to

Brunel, who lost the VOA sailing race, went from f

Plastic bottles provide lighting for millions of p

Broken molding machine for pulp molded products

Plastic bottle packaging has advantages in the fie

Bruckner sold 11 sets of stretch films in the firs

Bronzing and its quality control 0

Plastic bottles dominate and cosmetics packaging i

Bronte's domestic six axis robot has been successf

Broken anti-counterfeiting bottle cap with V-shape

Plastic bottle recycling gorgeous transformation i

Plastic bottle recycling process

XCMG's first tunnel boring machine xtr260 helps Ji

Plastic bottled seasoning is also a hidden danger.

Plastic bottle yacht starts its maiden voyage, wit

Browserasase with 100 million financing for cloud

Development strategy of metal packaging in China i

Development status of wood plastic composites

Rectification of problems assigned by Jiangsu Cent

Development status of video conference market

Plastic bucket of mineral water is harmful to huma

Rectification rate of hidden dangers in coal indus

Rectangular group offered another 90 million yuan

5-year 4 billion distributed photovoltaic operatio

Development strategy of beverage packaging equipme

Recyclable plastics successfully developed in the

Development trend analysis and investment prospect

Recycled chemical fiber market is like a crazy rol

Development strategy of green packaging of health

Development strategy of China's bottle and can gla

Recycled cardboard is harmful to health or affects

Recycled carbon fiber reinforced resin composites

Application status of neutral glass in drug packag

Development strategy of China's packaging industry

Application status of outdoor medium voltage switc

Development status of welding robot in China

Rectification and control of 36 chemical industry

Plastic bottle winning magic weapon technology

Recyclability and recycling ways of plastic packag

Recyclable plastic boxes will gradually erode the

Development strategy I of China's daily glass indu

Development strategy of embedded system in medical

Recyclable plastics developed in the United States

Development strategy high level forum reviews the

Development status, problems and Countermeasures o

Recycle and sell expired drugs to small clinics at

XCMG xca100e with high-end breakthrough driving in

Recyclable transparent high barrier packaging film

5.14 million tons of imported logs were successful

Development strategy of packaging and printing ent

Brody on plastic packaging in food packaging indus

Plastic bottle for beverage packaging

Plastic bottles can't replace glass bottles

Building energy-saving coatings Network Forum soun

Please do not exceed your authority in human resou

Please give innovation a loud welcome

PLM uses software to discover what customers reall

Please leave armored communication cable to contac

Plug in marketing to find your

Building automation development integration

Building digital platform to promote modern shipbu

Building characteristic industries and promoting b

PLM's mission product R & D determines enterprise

Building blocks are erected to guard the scene of

Plug the management loophole of charging equipment

Building energy conservation brings broad developm

Building chlor alkali fine chemical industry base

Brush face more and more fire, potential and risk

Plastic bubble film benefits from the rising price

Plug in hybrid vehicles without subsidies and limi

Building construction safety technology 6

Plofis international trading Shanghai Co., Ltd. Be

Building exterior wall decoration material is a ce

Plexiglass and plate carving and cutting

Building energy-saving transformation shows its po

Building energy conservation is inseparable from t

Plenary session of the Second Military Packaging C

Building daylighting and lighting technology in th

Building bridges with fiberglass

Please come to the skill competition

Plug and play switch of industrial automation syst

Plot of beautiful rural boutique village in Hucun

Plugging of LPG leakage accident

Plastic bottles are widely used in cosmetics indus

Brother road sign paint realizes leapfrog developm

Broken bridge door and window accessories corner p

Brush technology, brush quality, pressure holding

Brother company promotes several new high-speed bl

Building automation reduces control cabinet and as

Please read the label when buying imported food

Building China into a global printing base is no l

Building energy-saving doors and windows should be

Brunei products exported overseas must use local p

Plastic building materials are growing at an avera

Blue Origin opens up bidding for first 'spectacula

Blossoming beauty in Guizhou

Blow for Britain's May as Northern Ireland secreta

Blue Book takes close look at Chinese border

Blooming spectacular - Travel

Blue roads offer people eco-friendly travel choice

Microsoft to deepen AI push

Blow for British PM as trade minister quits in pro

Blue book sheds light on struggles of SLE patients

OEM ODM Welcome Metal Wall Art Decor Handicraft Ir

Electricial Heating Type Electric Glass Melting Fu

Fruit Grape Cherry Vegetable Packing Protection Ba

Global Scratch Resistant Polypropylene (PP) Compou

Customized Logo Clear Transparent Plastic Pvc Tran

Global Viscosupplementation Market Research Report

Soft Bristle Car Cleaning Brushes Water Flow Hog H

2020-2025 Global Automotive Collision Repair Servi

Global Staplers Market Insights and Forecast to 20

92mm OD Hydraulic Oil Filter Element 16403-WK900 F

C007 Automatic shrinkage limit set25i3mkix

Global Sugar-free Confectionery Market Research Re

1.7mm Dryer Washing Sinter Sintered Wire Mesh Perf

Yuken ARL1-12-F-R01S-10 ARL1 Series Variable Disp

Microsoft to open AI and IoT lab in Shanghai

Blue skies are not an occasional luxury - Opinion

Microwave makes space station feel like home

Global On-The-Go Breakfast Cereals Market Insights

Blue Note Beijing marks first anniversary

Microsoft to compensate Finnish man for unwanted i

Pump Comparison Heat Transfer Lab Equipments Therm

Blue alert for flooding issued for China's Huaihe

Blue calico threads intl student's Chinese dream -

Mid-Autumn Festival celebrated in Kuala Lumpur, Ma

Global Video Slot Machines Market Growth 2022-2028

COMER anti-lost cable lock acrylic display alarm s

Global Automotive Hose Turbocharger Market Insight

0.8MPa 0.5t Stainless Steel Oil Central Heating Bo

Blooming spring tulips brighten up Gansu

Microsoft to create 2,000 new jobs

Microsoft unveils Windows tailored for government

Middle class drives TV, PC innovation - World

Blue alert issued for heavy rain

BACnet termostatosdanzv1bk

Microsoft triples cloud capacity, notes triple-dig

Mid-range hotels grow in China on consumption upgr

Plastic Dome Multi Span Greenhouse Stable Performa

AVR SE350 1500rpm 50HZ 400V Industrial Diesel Gene

Nonwoven Cleaning Environmental Non Woven Tableclo

Blue economy to sustain growth momentum

Heat Transfer Eco Friendly Drawstring Bags 31-44cm

high manganese steel Terex Pegson 1000 Maxtrak con

2020-2025 Global Polybasite Market Report - Produc

Green Plan Sifter Machine Grain Milling Equipment

Blue Moon shares rise in HK after successful float

Powder Coated Road Sign Post Octagonal Shape Custo

Full Automatically Portable Fiber Laser Marking Ma

Middle Blocker Yuan Xinyue joins Tianjin women's v

Blue skies in Beijing offer high hopes for an impr

Blue skies return to Hebei's coal mining area

Hot And Cold Water 304 Stainless Steel Faucet Brus

Blossoming in retirement- New love, new skills

Mid-Autumn festival lights shine at Singapore's Ga

Global Vaccines Transport Boxes Market Research Re

Microsoft, incubators join hands to nourish startu

Blue Bottle Coffee opens first store in Shanghai

GCC Countries Instant Cereals Market Insights 2020

Global Turbine Flow Meters Market Insights and For

Wireless Broadband Market - Global Outlook and For

Blue skies in Tibet boon for locals, boost to tour

Mid-Autumn Festival doubly special this year - Opi

COMER anti-theft alarm security display mobile pho

SGMAH-02B1A21 Yaskawa New and original200W Flange

Blue book gives details on China's progress in aid

Blue alert issued as dangerous weather expected to

Zhejiang, Ningxia appoint top officials

3088300 Diesel Pump for Cum-mins K19 KTA19 QSK19

Middle East a market to be tapped on the Road - Op

10MPa Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter With Di

Online Recruitment Market - Global Outlook and For

AISI B16.9 ASTM A403 WP317L-S Reducer Stainless St

Global Citrus Bioflavonoids Market Insights, Forec

COVID-19 Outbreak-Global Smart Cities Service for

Middle and high-end MPVs emerging as choice for fa

Blue House says Bolton's memoir considerably disto

Blossoming holiday travel indicates trend for year

Blossoming of a dream

VL03 White Color One Way Degassing Valve Food Bag

Marble Release PVA Water Soluble Film 25μm - 45μm

220pcs Dry Wipes For Wet Wipes Manufacturer In Buc

Economical Water Cooling Nitrogen Compressor Outle

underwear bra packaging slider k bags, customized

High Running Stability Carbonated Drink Filling Ma

1.0mm Thickness Fiberglass Welding Blanket Harmles

10cm Brass Hexgon Thread Ac Access Valve Non alloy

QSM11 Cummins Diesel Engine Bearings 3896894 Conne

Kitchen Decoration 24inch 200foot Black Marble Cou

High Precision Axial & Radial Crossed Cylindrical

Terra Cotta Warriors statue as Hotel mall decorati

445-0726530 ATM Machine NCR parts ATM parts S2 p

modern decoration fabric and crystal wall lamp2qja

Blow for PM May as MPs back Britain staying in EU

Golden Manufacturer hotel furniture pricesg1ut2dfc

Blue book confirms government efficiency during pa

SGS HB Fireproof Underground Fiber Splice Enclosur

Full HD UAV Video Transmitter COFDM Wireless Data

Mid-Autumn celebration- Time for festival and fami

Microsoft unveils its dual-screen devices

Mid-Autumn Festival Concert 2021 to be held in the

Mid-Autumn gala in Xichang to hail aerospace indus

Curly Human Hair Wigs Real Curly Hair Pure Natural

Mid-Autumn Festival celebration eagerly anticipate

Microsoft unveils new cloud service in China

Golden Acrylic 50ml 100ml 250ml hair pomade plasti

WaSquaPa Is Not Just Ours

Double Beam Bridge Traveling Type Grapple Or Bucke

Price for cello scotch tape machine plastic tape s

Sofa Bed Recliner Mechanism Chair Adjustable Base

Off-Third- Keep the core classes, get rid of major

Colortime T6716 maintenance tank chip resetter fo

28Mn6 alloy steel round rodsnbvmgqg

A slowdown at the sun’s surface explained

black plastic ball pen,black color contour plastic

COMER New acrylic display alarm anti theft holders

High Efficiency Taper Button Bit 12 Degree Spheri

3277199 Excavator Oil Pumpijpk12hp

Drager PCB Pneumatic Controller 8306601 for Evita

Einstein’s general relativity reveals new quirk of

Though Star-Studded, ‘Dry Powder’ Bare

Electron Superhighway

The Etiquette of Satire


frosted PVC slider zipper bag plastic bag with zip

Mitsubishi Small Industrial Servo Drives MR-J2S-20

12meshx12mesh SUS304 stainless steel wire mesh for

Polyboard 1 Side PE Coated For Frozen Food Grammag

Biodegradable 95kPa Biohazard Waste Plastic Bags F


Staff Rants- Course Registration

Cummins QSL ISC QSC Engine ECM Wiring Harness 4943

COMER security acrylic alarm cellular Phone Displa

Middle class hierarchy report sparks online debate

Microsoft to help boost growth of Chinese startups

Blooming spring flowers add delight to Anhui

Mid-Autumn Food Expo opens in Chengdu

Blooming water lilies in Anhui wetlands

Mid-Autumn recollections

Microwave remote sensing to be applied in China's

Microsoft to further expand cloud services in Chin

Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations in Sydney to go d

Balearics records the lowest number of COVID infec

Red paint used to deface statue of Winston Churchi

B.C. provincial data shows 23,000 people experienc

Duo arrested in Camps Bay for drug dealing due in

Teens, children the focus of new vaccine trials -

Will writing- How to get started on your wills and

Popular savoury items recalled from supermarkets a

Unmask Fear Canada portraits show Black Canadians

After two years stranded in India, this Australian

States that locked out first COVID waves now being

Japan suspends use of 1.63m Moderna vaccines over

Tory government branded embarrassment to democracy

Victoria names seven NSW LGAs as red zones for COV

I want to say thank you- Syrian-Canadian boy lovin

Inflation stirs, but not enough to lift interest r

Crafts make a careers comeback - Today News Post

Explainer - Does China support the Russian invasio

Storm of ideas wins national praise - Today News P

ASFA calls for tax changes to make superannuation

Fiji’s PM refuses to let the Pacific be the ‘sacri

COVID-19- Work from home advice ends and face cove

Higher oil prices help lift loonie to near 79 cent

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