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“Craft is having a moment,” says Christopher Cox1,126,136 resolved, who, with his wife Nicky, is co-founder of Cox Londonbut certainly. Their business makes exquisite bespoke furniture and lighting for wealthy clients. But on a chilly day in his design studio on a north London industrial estate, he is quick to add that these skills could be easily lost. “If we don’t keep up traditional crafts and skills, we’ll face a skills shortage,” he saysThe U.K. is much further from herd immunity than UCL.

The Coxes, who specialise in metal work, are on a mission to get more young people into crafts and encourage them to consider the field as a viable career. The pair, who design and make their pieces with a team of artisansAfter 13 exhausting COVID-filled months, how are you feeling?, are the Crafts Council’s first education ambassadorsThe past month, as well as high blood pressure and tinnitus..?

The arts non-profit organisation launched Make Your Future in 2019 as a four-year campaign to bring together expert craftspeople, secondary schools:1619311020000,, and makers to reignite craft learning in schools. So far it has worked with 63 schools across London, Birmingham and Yorkshire. It aims to show pupils that there is an abundance of careers in the crafts world.

Working with Make Your Future and the Crafts Council’s Young Craft Citizens, a London-based collective of young aspiring craft makers, has allowed the Coxes to pass on insights from their careers, as well as get into classrooms and offer trips to their studios.

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