Please give innovation a loud welcome

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Please give a loud welcome to innovation

the world is bright, all for profit

price affects profit, and profit determines the success or failure of competition. When an enterprise's products or services have no premium ability, the focus of competition often turns to: who is more skilled in extracting labor, who is more tolerant of environmental damage, and who is more innovative in being more irresponsible to customers and society. If the competitive pressure is too great, the pursuit of minimizing cost by unscrupulous enterprises through these internal practices will lead to the breakdown of the bottom line of ethics and morality. Food scandals, science and technology scams and bean curd residue projects. Can you stay away from these illegal profits? Maybe one day, you'll get shot lying down

is the price war caused by inflation

recently, people all over the country have been shot. In the past, when there were too many cabbages, you could feed them to pigs. The price of spring festival goods is scarce, but it's not worth much now. Experts said that this was caused by the ripple effect of inflation and called on the government to take active policies to intervene. In fact, each of us is a part of people's livelihood. We can feel the love of macro-control for any socio-economic issues related to people's livelihood. However, in many non livelihood industries, the pain of inflation still needs to be borne by enterprises themselves. For example, recently, the media in the automation industry have encountered the same thing, that is, the large-scale advertising of enterprises is not as good as before, and there are fewer and fewer impulsive gold owners

in fact, the reason is very simple. The automation industry is experiencing a period of small profits similar to the traditional PC industry, and product prices sometimes fall instead of rising. Because almost all products have a testing period before purchase, or the product quality can be traced one by one. So on the surface, the more the better, no one will be shot in such a price war. However, this does not mean harmonious development. Only when reasonable profits are guaranteed can the industry develop healthily and sustainably. If we use innovation to realize a round of overall price increase in the industry, it is estimated that leading manufacturers with strong strength, such as Siemens, abb, central control group and Yanshi brothers (Advantech and Yanxiang), will be moved to tears

when you change jobs, please give a loud welcome to innovation

the automation industry is calm in the face of price war. I haven't heard of any enterprise changing jobs. However, Deng Qilin, the head of WISCO group, announced that he had invested 39 billion in raising pigs and vegetables. It can be said that one stone aroused thousands of waves. The interpretation of public opinion focused on the neglect of state-owned enterprises and competing for profits with the people. WISCO is looking for a new direction. Because SABIC PP 514m12 polymer belongs to a single 1 material technical pipe without phthalate, it does seem a little strange. However, according to the statistics from China Steel Association in July last year, the sales profit margin of 80 large and medium-sized steel mills in China is only 2.91%, which means that the sales return of products produced by steel mills is not as good as the interest return of money deposited in banks. This is an interesting cross-border diversified development. When WISCO faced the bottleneck of serious price decline in the development of the industry, it chose to change jobs separately

adjusting industry prices is the natural law of market economy. It is often said in basic economics that value determines price. Why can apple not follow Moore's law in the IT industry and participate in price reduction, but still remain the world sales champion. The reason is very simple. Apple's disruptive innovation has changed the industry, and the price has been recognized and respected by consumers. Advanced instruments and equipment are important production and technical means of modern science and technology and production activities. Today's China is facing industrial transformation and upgrading, from made in China to created in China, and the industrial subject will also transform from simple product production and manufacturing to high value-added. In 5. Wear rate: in this process, innovation based on demand and user experience is needed. Therefore, respect for intellectual property rights, respect for innovators and protection of innovation achievements will be the basis of successful industrial transformation. The protection of innovation achievements is not only the protection of patents, but also closely related to reasonable profits. When the independent innovation of enterprises provides consumers with three high products or services with high quality, high added value and high satisfaction, the market has no reason not to accept the new price and listen to the rising appeal of enterprises

of course, the domineering industry doesn't care about this

our oil price rises every three to five times; Our house prices, the more wait-and-see, the more disappointed. The industry without innovative genes is still rising

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