Plastic bottle yacht starts its maiden voyage, wit

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"Plastic bottle yacht" began its maiden voyage, with an estimated journey of 20000 kilometers

the yacht is made of recycled plastic and embedded with 12500 plastic bottles filled with chrfo2

Xinhua on March 22, David derrothschild, a famous British explorer and environmentalist, sailed from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia with his companions on the 20th

the yacht body is made of waste plastic. De Rothschild said that the voyage was intended to advocate people to make full use of resources and protect the environment

officially set sail

"here we go, the adventure begins," dross childe wrote on his microblog. They plan to spend three months driving a yacht across the Pacific, through Hawaii, Marshall Islands and Tarawa islands, and finally arrive in Sydney, Australia. The total voyage is expected to be 20000 kilometers

four hours later, he recorded: "the speed has specific plans for two knots in the last year. Well! The sea is waving to us! There are fishing boats ahead! Let's show our skills in our 'plastic bottle yacht'!"

de Rothschild said that the voyage was like a "bottle message" sent to modern society. It told people that by reusing resources such as plastic bottles, people can prevent these materials from polluting the ocean

the German news agency quoted him as saying on the 20th: "we will never see a society without plastic products. But instead of demonizing plastic, we might as well learn how to reuse and recycle."

Dross child, 31, was born into a British banking family. Instead of inheriting the mantle of his family, he is keen on exploration and environmental protection. He once crossed the Arctic on foot

four years ago, derrothschild saw a UN report on marine pollution caused by waste plastics, so he came up with the idea of building a "plastic bottle yacht". He called technicians and designers to carry out experiments. They melt and solidify plastic bottles, then press and make materials for shipbuilding

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