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"Tenth Five Year Plan": a summary of pharmaceutical packaging policies (Part 1)

a summary of the development policies of pharmaceutical packaging during the Tenth Five Year Plan period

Secretary General Cai Hong elaborated on the development policies of the Tenth Five Year Plan: taking development as the theme, structural adjustment as the main line, reform and opening up and scientific and technological progress as the driving force, and improving people's living standards as the fundamental starting point. In addition, Secretary General Cai also mentioned: under the current situation, we must clearly see that the challenges faced by China's pharmaceutical packaging industry far outweigh the opportunities. In particular, during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the state has taken promoting the reform of the medical and health system as an important goal to improve the social security system. The appearance of Brom Life Sciences in MEDTEC China in 2017 has increased the social impact of the pharmaceutical packaging industry. We should do the following work well:

(I) improve the overall level of the pharmaceutical packaging industry to meet the increasingly stringent requirements for GMP certification of pharmaceutical enterprises in the production process of volatile organic pollutants (VOCs)

one of the basic conditions for pharmaceutical enterprises to be qualified to participate in the competition after China's accession to the WTO is to obtain the GMP certificate from the State Drug Administration. As of november28,2000, 522 enterprises have obtained the GMP certificate issued by the State Pharmaceutical Supervision and administration. The dosage forms produced include all the existing dosage forms, which are distributed all over the country. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, thousands of existing pharmaceutical factories in China will accelerate the transformation of GMP compliance at an unprecedented speed, otherwise they will be eliminated. The friction coefficient of sintered iron is higher than that of the above-mentioned materials. This reality requires that the overall level of the pharmaceutical packaging industry must be rapidly and comprehensively improved, and the product quality, production environment, storage and transportation, including the production, sales and use of pharmaceutical packaging products, must meet the GMP requirements. The pharmaceutical packaging enterprises that are difficult to meet the requirements will also be eliminated. The specific requirements are first to check in accordance with the general acceptance rules of order No. 21 of the State Drug Administration and obtain the registration certificate of pharmaceutical packaging materials

(II) improve the production capacity and level of domestic production equipment for pharmaceutical packaging products since the reform and opening up, China's pharmaceutical packaging production enterprises have carried out continuous technological transformation, the most important content of which is the renewal of equipment. If you want to do good work, you must sharpen your tools first. No good product can be made without good equipment. Although the production equipment of domestic pharmaceutical packaging products has been improved over the years, the speed of improvement is not fast. It basically follows the path of imitation and lacks innovation awareness and ability. In the case that the pharmaceutical packaging enterprises generally lack abundant funds, it is difficult to continue to spend a large amount of foreign exchange to purchase foreign equipment. This has become a bottleneck restricting the progress of the pharmaceutical packaging industry. After joining WTO, the price of imported equipment in developed countries in the world will be reduced by a considerable margin, which is conducive to the equipment renewal of drug packaging materials enterprises, and also brings greater pressure to the development of equipment manufacturers in China. During the strategic adjustment of the economic structure during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the state has taken "vigorously revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry... Improve the design and manufacturing level, promote electromechanical integration, and provide advanced and complete sets of technical equipment for various industries" as one of the most urgent tasks, which will create a better social environment for the progress of the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Pharmaceutical packaging product manufacturers should seize the opportunity and take the initiative to strengthen contact and cooperation with pharmaceutical packaging equipment manufacturers. Strive to solve the high-quality localization of common parts and vulnerable parts of advanced equipment in a relatively short time, and promote the R & D and manufacturing level of the host, especially the development of quality inspection equipment for drug packaging materials

(III) accelerating the informatization construction and promoting the reform and development of pharmaceutical packaging enterprises

informatization is the general trend of economic and social development in the world today, and it is also the key link for China's industrial optimization and upgrading and the realization of industrialization and modernization. We should clearly see that developed countries have entered the information age on the basis of industrialization and modernization, while China, as the technical leader of high molecular materials in the medical equipment and health care industry and the leading manufacturer of special polymers, is still far from the standards of industrialization and modernization. We must keep up with the pace of world informatization and achieve leapfrog development while pursuing industrial optimization and upgrading and realizing industrialization and modernization. The construction of the first five year plan for national economic and social development formulated by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has clearly put forward that "information technology should be widely used in the whole society, the popularization and application of computers and networks should be improved, and the development and utilization of information resources should be strengthened. Government administration, social public services, and enterprise production and operation should use digital and networking technologies to accelerate the pace of informatization." At present, among China's pharmaceutical enterprises, a number of advanced manufacturing enterprises using computer management and successful examples of pharmaceutical e-commerce and international trade bidding have emerged. In 2000, the output value of the pharmaceutical industry could be close to 230billion yuan, the commercial sales could reach 150billion yuan, the export was nearly 4billion dollars, and the profit could reach 13billion yuan. (to be continued)

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