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Overview of the national metal material market

(November 19-23) the trend of the metal material market in major regions of the country has basically followed the downward trend of the previous week. The market is generally bearish about the factory price of production enterprises in the first quarter of next year. In addition, in the new year, the funds are tight. Although facing the market situation that has fallen sharply, the sellers are still indifferent. According to the market reports from representative regions such as Tianjin in the north and Guangzhou in the south, the market trading atmosphere is light. Among the specific varieties, except that the market response of large-diameter seamless pipe in some regions (such as East China) is slightly better, the vast majority of varieties are weak. Under the pressure of the ex factory prices of steel mills, construction steel has been falling back, and the high-speed line in many areas has fallen below 2000 yuan. Rebar fell below the psychological defense line of 2100 yuan, which had a great impact on the future market. The plate market also fell. Under the influence that the ex factory price in the first quarter of the conference will continue to fall, the market spot price of cold-rolled plate and medium plate continued to decline slightly. At the same time, the county magistrate further worried about the pessimism of the market and was generally eager to ship, which exacerbated the decline of the market. People concerned warned that steel is not a sunset industry in China and has considerable development prospects. In particular, plates from foreign countries account for 60% - 70% of the total steel output, and only about 30% in China. There is no need to panic after joining the world trade organization. Competition is inevitable. At the same time, it also gives our dealers with the theme of "military civilian integration and the development trend of new military materials facing 2025" more choices. It depends on how fast you bend. The trend of main varieties in the in car market this week is as follows:

East China

after the continuous decline in Nanjing in the previous weeks, the steel market in Nanjing this week was basically stable. In terms of construction steel, the ex factory prices of steel mills continue to decline and are affected. Among them, there is no ordinary line village 2050 produced by Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., and the high line is 2060 yuan, the same as last week. Screw thread steel has slipped again. The 12mm specification of Huaigang products was 2120 yuan, a decrease of 60 yuan compared with the previous week; the 14mm specification was 2110 yuan, a decrease of 50 yuan; the 16-18mm2100-1090 yuan, a decrease of 50 yuan. The prices of similar products of Shagang are basically at the same level

there are three basic configurations of intelligent tensile testing machine: host, microcomputer and printer plate. Although the price has not changed greatly, the pressure on the price is heavy and continues to increase. The 6mm medium plate produced by Xinzuo steel works was listed at 247 yuan, 8mm2430 yuan and 10mm2370 yuan. 40mm WISCO products 2500 yuan. Hot rolled sheet, 1mm Nangang products 2980 yuan, down 20 yuan, 3mm Meigang products 2450 yuan, down 30 yuan. The most obvious one is the cold-rolled sheet. It is rumored that the ex factory price of WISCO will be reduced by about 100 yuan in the first quarter of next year, which intensifies the market panic. 0.5 at present, mm steel products are about 3950 yuan and 1mm3000 yuan

profile steels, recently, there are signs of increasing dumping of foreign resources to Nanjing. The products of Jigang special steel, Lianyuan Steel and other northern and southern steel mills are all sold at low prices. 10 I-steel Jigang products 2450 yuan, 20 WISCO products 2430 yuan. 6.3 # channel steel produced by Lianyuan Steel is 2240 yuan, 8 # and 10 # 2140 yuan produced by Jinan Special Steel, 20 # 2240 yuan produced by Maanshan Steel, 2280 yuan produced by angle steel 3 # Taigang, 2130 yuan produced by 5 # Tonggang, 2160 yuan produced by 10 # Maanshan Steel, and 2230 yuan produced by 14 # Taigang

this week in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, the wind market in Jiujiang region, as a whole, is weak in the general trend, and all kinds of steel transactions are not satisfactory. The general carbon medium plate is expected to fall further

from the steel used for construction in Jiujiang steel market, ordinary φ The actual market price of 6.5-8mm is 2090-2110 yuan/ton, high-speed wire φ 6.5-8mm is 2450-2160 yuan Tons, down - 20 yuan/ton compared with the same period last month, φ 16mm is 2320-2350 yuan/ton, φ 25mm is 2300-2330 yuan/ton, compared with 20-30 yuan/ton in Inner Mongolia last month. For ordinary carbon medium plates for production, the price of 6mm is 2620-2640 yuan/ton, that of 8mm is 2600-2620 yuan/ton, that of 10mm is 2550-2570 yuan/ton, that of 20mm is 2520-2550 yuan/ton, and that of 40mm above is 2640-2660 yuan/ton, a decrease of - 110 yuan/ton compared with that of the same period last month

at present, the steel market in Jiujiang area is still weak, especially the price of common carbon medium plate has dropped significantly. The following are the reasons: first, the general trend of domestic steel market is not optimistic, the steel market is generally weak, and the trading atmosphere is not strong. Second, the market lacks confidence in the market after China's entry into the WTO, and dare not enter the market actively. It is even more rare to purchase large-scale goods. In particular, the medium-sized board has a large inventory. Users generally believe that the price of this variety may be reduced, so the future market is not optimistic

recently, the steel market in Chongqing has hardly seen a rebound at the end of previous years. The purchase and sales situation is stable. The market reports of most varieties have dropped to varying degrees compared with the same period last month, and some varieties continue to decline

construction steel has been declining for two weeks. Since November, the market demand for construction steel has been relatively stable, and even has a slow growth trend. However, due to the sufficient supply of construction steel in the market, in the face of huge social inventory, manufacturers and dealers have to reduce prices one after another to strive for the market, with an average reduction of 55-100 yuan/ton

due to the poor requirements and the reduction of plate prices by some steel mills, the Chongqing plate market did not feel any warmth, with an average decline of 100-200 yuan/ton

the profile steel mainly composed of groove, work and angle steel continues to stay low. From the perspective of market compliance, at present, only high-quality steel varieties such as carbon steel and composite steel are relatively stable, and the price changes little

from the analysis of the recent market trend of Chongqing steel market, although there will be a required recovery at the end of the year according to the Convention, the audience is troubled by many factors. The current market is too heavy to return. It is difficult for the market to make a big improvement in the last few weeks. This year will end with a steady decline

Central Plains region

in late November, Wuhan construction steel market was still in a downward trend. Due to seasonal changes and weakening market requirements, steel mills made a series of adjustments accordingly. Among them, the screw thread produced by Hubei iron and Steel Co., Ltd. will be lowered by 40 yuan/ton, and the prices of high-speed wire and common wire may go down; However, the round steel produced by WISCO is in short supply in the market. The specific market is as follows: general line: φ 6.5. The output of Q235 Hubei steel was reduced by 10 yuan/ton, and the output of Q235 Hubei steel was 2110 yuan/ton

high line: φ 12 sizing φ 25 fixed length and 20MnSi are all reduced by 40 yuan/ton for Hubei steel, 2350 yuan/ton and 2210 yuan/ton respectively. At the same time, the profile prices in Wuhan steel market have been reduced slightly, the market requirements are not strong, and the power supply is cut off for the outbound volume is small. For example, angle steel and H-section steel are sold at reduced prices due to the overstock of inventory, and the work and channel steel are generally stable. The specific market conditions are as follows:

Industrial Steel: 18 # fixed length, Q235 WISCO production reduced by 20 yuan/ton, and the current price is 2380 yuan/ton

channel steel: 12 # fixed length, Q235 Lianyuan Steel production reduced by 30 yuan/ton, and the current price is 2250 yuan/ton

angle steel: 6.3 # fixed length, 16 # fixed length and Q235 are produced by Maanshan Iron and Steel Co. and Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., both reduced by 30 yuan/ton, and the two are 2200 yuan/ton and 2570 yuan/ton respectively

h-section steel: 200 * 200 * 8 * 12, Q235 Laiwu Iron and steel production was reduced by 20 yuan/ton, and the two were 2880 yuan/ton

North China

construction steel market will show a downward trend

recently, the market of construction steel in North China has fallen, and this winter will maintain a low-price competition pattern. Experts predict that the market price may fall by about 60-100 yuan/ton at the current level, of which the maximum price drop of deformed steel bar is expected to be 40-60 yuan/ton; The maximum price drop of wire rod products will be about 50-100 yuan/ton

insiders believe that in addition to seasonal reasons, oversupply and fierce competition are also important reasons for the downturn of the after-sales market

1. The domestic steel market supply is too fast

at present, the contradiction between the supply of steel products in cars and the demand is becoming more and more serious. It is estimated that the national steel production will reach 130 million tons from January to November, an increase of about 10%; Finished steel products reached 150million tons, an increase of about 19%, showing a sustained high-speed growth trend. Such a high growth rate makes it impossible for prices to rise by a small margin and in a transitional way in winter at the end of the year

II. The popularity is low, but the competition is more intense, and the construction steel market is difficult to improve

it can be predicted that this year's steel output and new resources have increased by the most since the opening of steel prices. In the general environment of oversupply in the domestic steel market, they are not optimistic about the price situation in the winter at the end of the year, so that the steel market is shrouded in the popularity of "looking down"

although everyone is not optimistic about the winter market, the competition in North China is more intense. At present, the market pattern of construction steel in North China has entered the "Warring States period". In addition to the traditional Shougang, Tanggang, Chenggang and Hangang, Shigang, Xuanhua Steel, Baotou Steel, Changye steel plant and Xinxing cast pipe have recently increased their sales in North China. In addition, Ansteel, Linggang, Tonggang, Beitai steel plant and new Fuzhou steel in Northeast China have also changed their previous practice of storing in the South or in winter, and entered the "North China market ahead of schedule. Jigang, Laigang, Masteel in East China and Anyang steel plant in Central South China have also identified this region. Chenggang almost completely took away the first phase of the index deformed steel contract of the National Grand Theater at the gate of Shougang. (Xin Wuzhi)

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