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Summary of domestic ethyl acetate/butyl acetate Market Overview of butyl acetate Market this week, the market price of butyl acetate continued to rise significantly. From the beginning of the week to the middle of the week, each market had an increase of about 400 yuan. However, due to the slow rise of the upstream n-butanol market and the horizontal consolidation of the acetic acid market, the rise of butyl acetate was weak near the weekend, and some hoarders had an intention to ship goods before the price rise in the early stage, There was a strong intention to cash out and take goods. At the beginning of the week, due to the Limited procurement of raw materials n-butanol and acetic acid, the manufacturers had no goods to go. Subsequently, some manufacturers mainly supplied small orders and old customers, and the market supply was still tight; With the slowdown of the rising trend of n-butanol in the upstream, the price difference is too large and the market is chaotic due to the mixed transaction of some low-priced goods and spot purchase in the vinegar Ding market. On the whole, due to the rising speed and too much space, the market for vinegar is obviously driven by speculation, and the market rise is very unstable. The author believes that since the fundamentals have not improved significantly, it is expected that the market will be dominated by shock consolidation between 970 yuan and 200million yuan next week

this week, the market price of ethyl acetate rose fiercely. Each region rose nearly 400 yuan from the beginning of the week to the end of the week. However, the market merchants had strong purchase intention. Before the price rise in the early stage, some merchants hoarded goods. The main reason for the large transaction price difference in the market was the existence of low-priced goods and the purchase and sale of spot goods. The market price of upstream ethanol continued to rise. The rising market for consecutive months gave ethyl acetate a favorable support, Coupled with the upward trend of acetic acid market, the cost drives the price of vinegar B to rise steadily. As the unit load of Thorpe and Wujing was low at the beginning of the week, the production users simply asked for low prices and limited quantity, which made the market supply a little tight. The tight purchase of raw materials was also one of the reasons for the low starting load; Subsequently, influenced by the negative psychology of the sharp decline of crude oil, the vinegar B market temporarily entered the consolidation stage, and the rise slowed down, but the market sentiment showed no sign of weakening, showing a little caution. The author believes that ethyl acetate is basically oriented as a whole. 2. The setting of parameters makes the market fall under great pressure. It is expected that the ethyl acetate Market will remain at yuan/ton next week, with the same time as this

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