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Proofyourself: a new color management system (Part 2)

mayerthaler calls this step "cleaning the machine", that is, to optimize and correct various problems (this may be automatic). It can convert RGB and lab color space into the required CMYK space, convert spot color into CMYK (if necessary), check the image resolution (if the resolution is too low, it will give a warning), if the font is lost, thicken the extremely thin lines according to the specific minimum value, and add transparency to a single image. (for example, where two images are overprinted)

finally, proofing. After deleting the document, harlequin will send it (with appropriate characterization description file) to the proofing machine, and the proofing machine will proofing on the appropriate paper

samples and other outputs. If you want to use other output devices, you need to use proofyourself as a strategic emerging industry CL 20 or Cl 60. These two products not only enable companies like christinger to use a variety of devices, but also enable you to send Remote Proofing for customers. In offset printing enterprises, they can send documents to different proofing machines, CTPs or imagesetters. Users can optimize the output quality through the built-in feature description file (as christinger did). The high speed and low cost of this kind of proofing will surprise people. In Switzerland, mayerhaler can provide characteristic description documents for Canon's two kinds of proofing paper: Canon HR 101 high-resolution paper (a low-cost uncoated paper) and water-resistant high gloss WRG (coated paper). Because the samples made of these two kinds of paper look the same, users usually use the cheaper HR 101 quality for internal proofing. For mayerthaler, the cost of each a3+ paper is only 0.40 euros, including ink and 45 seconds of printing cost. WRG paper is specially used for customer proofing. Its cost is 1.40 euros per piece, and it takes about 2 minutes to print. Users can order these two kinds of paper directly from canon on

remote proofing. Of course, proofyourself can also be used to make remote proofing. If the remote customer also has the same Canon w2200 proofing machine for condition conditioning according to the normal deviation range of the standard environment specified in GB 2918, then this complete characterization description file can be used. Because the file size of large format printed matter (such as posters) can be automatically replaced with (interpolated) a3+ format, the file after deletion is usually only 3 megabytes. If the output device of the remote customer is not w2200, then if you want to achieve accurate color reproduction, you must have the characterization description of that device. Length measuring instruments such as micrometer, micrometer, length measuring instrument, universal tool microscope, measuring microscope and other documents are often used

automation. Since proofyourself workflow is the method of establishing hot folders, this folder structure must be established for each user or live parts. From the creation of PDF files to the automatic output of proofing, the whole process requires a total of four hot folders, which are used for PDF creation, inspection, "cleaning" and proofing. For example, a quark file may be copied to a hot folder on the proofyourself server with the help of the "print" button. A PDF file can be created in this folder and sent to the inspection folder. If it is correct, it will automatically enter the proofing folder (output as a sample immediately) or it can also be saved in the queue, waiting for the user to release it to the proofing folder (if manual control is required)

if people find problems with PDF during proofing, The operator can drag this file into "Clean the machine option, where the file will be sent to the inspection folder. If it is correct, you can enter the proofing folder, otherwise, the operator must intervene.

security. The main problem of workflow management software is the destructiveness faced by users once the operation fails. In order to prevent the destruction of proofyourself software on PC server, every time the computer is restarted, an original A copy of the software. So once the computer is damaged, just restart it. Mayerthaler can provide an aluminum box with files and spare drives. If there is a head collision or other damage to the hard drive, the spare drive can be put into use soon

customer reference

among mayerthaler's Swiss customers, many are publishing houses and printing houses, but there are relatively few design companies. This is because advertising agents in Switzerland do not want to make contract samples by themselves. They prefer to let prepress companies do it. On the other hand, publishing houses have a long history of bypassing prepress companies. They need to produce contract samples themselves in order to protect themselves in the process of dealing with printing houses. Large publishing houses (such as Jean Frey Verlag in Zurich, responsible for publishing 22 trade magazines and 4 consumer magazines) use the software produced by proofyourself to ensure the quality and safety of their live parts. Small publishing houses (such as boll Verlag of urdorf, which publishes wohnrevue once a month, a live piece with a large print volume) also use proofyourself to make proofs before sending documents and samples to the printing plant for testing

a new business model

because all the hardware has been equipped, the software has been installed and tested, and the whole workflow is also very convenient to use, the installation and training speed of the system is also very fast. This is not only true in Switzerland, but also in other countries where printing dealers are sales channels. This makes mayerthaler's price particularly attractive. In the past four years, Switzerland has installed 46 sets of mayerthaler, and Germany, Austria, Scandinavia and Germany have also installed more than 10 sets, and this number is growing every year

mayerthaler sells his system through inserts, articles, brochures, retail stores, direct mail and sales promotion. To promote products on its own website, it will also hold trade fairs in other countries with sellers or go to printing colleges in Switzerland and Germany to promote

proofyourself creative costs less than 20000 euros, proofyourself CL 20 costs about 24500 euros, and proofyourself CL 60 costs 29250 euros. This price does not include VAT (where applicable) and training fees (up to two days in Switzerland, 1150 euros per day). If you are asked to choose a workflow for large international sellers, then a solution with attractive price such as proofyourself workflow is their best choice

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