The hottest propane inventory in the United States

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The U.S. propane inventory in June reached the highest level in 27 years

according to Reuters, the Washington Post on July 8 will also close the attachment. The U.S. Department of energy said here on July 8 that the growth rate of U.S. propane inventory in June was the largest since 2003, and the U.S. propane inventory in June reached the highest level in the past 27 years

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the U.S. Department of energy said that the U.S. propane inventory in June increased by nearly 9.4 million barrels to 62.1 million barrels, which is the highest inventory since 1982. However, the increase rate of propane inventory will gradually slow down before the end of this month

according to the U.S. energy information administration, residential and commercial sectors account for 40% of all propane used in the United States

among 107million households in the United States, 9.4 million households rely on propane. About 49% of the propane consumed in the United States is used in the petrochemical industry. The farm is the third largest propane retail market in the United States, accounting for about 5% of the total demand. 3-propanol is fermented with cassava starch, glycerol and other non grain raw materials. Propane is commonly used for crop drying, weeding, and as fuel for farm equipment and irrigation pumps

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