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The sales volume of lamps and lanterns in the downturn of the real estate market will be reduced correspondingly, and the lamp brand plans a new channel model. The product will be sold in bancassurance channels

the sales volume of lamps and lanterns in the downturn of the real estate market will also be reduced correspondingly, and the lamp brand begins to plan a new channel model. The property market is depressed, and the sales volume of lamps and lanterns has also decreased accordingly.

compared with previous years, the property market this year is relatively depressed, which has also constrained the retail market space of downstream lamps and lanterns. Data show that in the past two years, the second-hand housing renovation business, the main growth point of many furniture and building materials manufacturers and decoration companies, has also seen a sharp decline in orders. According to the data released by Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of land and housing administration, in September 2014, the turnover of second-hand houses in Guangzhou decreased by 50.4% year-on-year, and the sales of lamps and lanterns also decreased accordingly

on the other hand, due to the continuous rise in prices, the rental cost of shopping malls is also rising instead of falling. A dealer said that since he entered the real lamp industry in 2004 due to the intensity of the characteristic spectral line emitted by each element, he has now acted as an agent for 10 building materials brands. This year is the year when the store rent is the highest, the passenger flow is the lowest, the pressure is the highest and the income is the lowest in the past ten years. He also said that over the past decade, the demand for real lamps and lanterns has continued to shrink, with less passenger flow and low customer unit price. Due to the needs of the company's big home strategy, it has also increased operational pressure. Although this dealer is a case, it also represents the sales pressure of some lamp dealers and enterprises in 2014

lamp brands began to plan new channel models

although the market continued to build a fair and orderly market competition environment is low, some advanced lamp enterprises did not sit idly by. Although there is no major breakthrough in the lamp industry this year, all lamp brands are actively seeking changes to cope with the weak market. For example, because the passenger flow brought by simple stores is not enough to support the operation of lamps and lanterns, some lamp brands have begun to plan new channel models and site selection ideas. Settling in large shopping malls has become a beautiful scenery in department stores. Although the rent is high, there are many people, large sales, and obvious image accumulation and word-of-mouth communication effects

nowadays, both stores and brands pay attention to the design sector, strengthen design innovation, and drive popularity and sales with design. In terms of brands, many first-line brands of manual spring tension testing machines deal with low prices and pay more attention to the original design of products, product design and research and development. Another idea is to provide consumers with space solutions in addition to selling products, such as launching the big home strategy, and the resident design team providing customers with one-stop design solutions

at a time when the pace of the times is accelerating and moving forward, only by continuous innovation can lamp enterprises keep up with the pace of the times and avoid being eliminated

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