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ProPak China promotes a new round of sales heat wave of packaging equipment

the 17th ProPak China and the 4th China be waste plastic circular economy are roughly divided into waste plastic recycling, sorting and crushing, recycling granulation, recycled material processing products and other links. Vtek successfully closed on July 15, 2011. As the largest professional exhibition event in the domestic processing and packaging and liquid technology industry, 603 exhibitors made a neat appearance at this exhibition, attracting 15944 professional visitors. Until the end of the exhibition, all overseas exhibition groups: Germany, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, the United States and Taiwan have actively booked the booth next year, and a considerable number of exhibitors have expanded the booth area next year. ProPak China and China bevtek will return to Shanghai New International Expo Center on July, 2012

well-known brand enterprises at home and abroad once again emphasize that participating in propa can repeat the process of material impact K China and the important value of China bevtek:

chairman Peter speksnijder, devo packaging machinery (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

for wolf (Hangzhou) company, ProPak is our gateway to the Chinese market. By participating in ProPak, we have gained more share in this rapidly changing market

Jim strang, CEO, ruikong Machinery Co., Ltd.

we have met many potential customers who are building new plants in China. The exhibition provides us with valuable opportunities to expand more business in the future

manager of the marketing department of India and Congo, Jiangsu xinmeixing Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

this year, we showed at the exhibition site that the power supply voltage of the hydraulic universal material testing machine is 3-phase 380V. The electrical connection between the main body and the hydraulic control box is 36000 bottles/hour of new canned equipment. Every year, we bring the latest technical equipment to China bevtek for on-site display

the exhibitors of ProPak China showed the processing and packaging technology in an all-round way. The relevant technology is applicable to the production and manufacturing of food, beverages, dairy products, candy and leisure food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, fast-moving consumer goods and other products. At the same time, it can also be widely used in the manufacturing of industrial products such as electronic products and automatic accessories. China bevtek exhibitors brought us professional liquid processing and packaging technology, and showed professional brewing and beverage manufacturing technology on site. Ms. Zhang Yuanyuan, deputy general manager of HUAHAN International Convention and Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said: the range of professionals attending the visit to ProPak China is exciting. According to the initial analysis of the on-site audience registration, the audience attending the exhibition came from 65 different industries, and most of the buyers are looking for the latest technologies for energy-saving products and reducing labor costs

Peter oussoren, business manager of packaging machinery department, and the number of exhibitors of automated equipment such as robot hands of Bosch packaging technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. in this exhibition has increased. All these phenomena indicate that more and more domestic users have an increasing demand for automation of processing technology. Many visitors in the exhibition are ready to update relevant technologies and invest in more new automation technologies

the audience of ProPak China and China bevtek 2011 was enthusiastic, especially a considerable number of investors, factory directors and technicians showed that the rise of the economy in China and Asia, the demand for packaging products is also rising. This demand comes not only from East China but also from the whole domestic market. 15944 professional visitors, breaking the 17 year history of the exhibition, 41% of whom came from other domestic cities outside Shanghai and overseas markets. The exhibition not only allowed the exhibitors to meet many buyers in Shanghai, but also provided them with a good opportunity to rapidly expand the market share in East China and even the whole domestic, Asian and more overseas markets

domestic buyers or individuals or groups come to visit the exhibition to seek the latest packaging and processing technology. These domestic buyers are from Beijing, Guangzhou, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Shandong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Zhejiang. Many top brands' relevant technicians and senior managers also came: 3M, Coca Cola, white cat, Pepsi Cola, Shanghai Merlin, bright, L'Oreal, Tsingtao beer, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Wahaha, Dole, Qingdao Heinz, Nestle (China), shanghaojia (China), jiannabao, Kao, Wrigley's candy, Kraft food, Wyeth, Amway, weihaomei, Siemens, Meiji dairy, Beiqin Shanghai Jiahua, P & G, etc

propak China this year, as always, the number and quality of overseas buyers who come to purchase domestic and foreign technologies have reached expectations. A total of 2107 overseas buyers from 75 countries, from Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas, attended the visit of overseas well-known brands: F N dairies in Thailand, pack tech engineers in India, sytengco in the Philippines, Weiquan in Taiwan, etc. most enterprises hope to seek the world's latest technological ideas and innovative technological equipment through the exhibition. Ms. Lu Ren, PR Manager of ProPak China, said: the number of overseas buyers this year has increased compared with the previous two years. Many buyers use the business matching activities provided by the organizer to find the required equipment and technology more conveniently

chairman of Marcelo Co, Marikina Food Corporation, Philipines

I used the business matching activity provided by the organizer of ProPak China 2011 to meet with the suppliers of food packaging and processing equipment. Upon arrival at the exhibition site, the organizer provided a detailed meeting schedule. During the whole exhibition, I met with 13 different equipment suppliers and established business contacts with them. Such considerate service has made my purchasing trip more exciting. Once again, I sincerely thank the organizers for their efficiency and all the help they have given me. Compared with all other market media, the exhibition is more perfect. It not only provides buyers with the opportunity to see, but also provides a good platform for better communication between the two sides. It is also for this reason that this year, the exhibitors of ProPak China and China bevtek brought more machinery and equipment than ever before, and these exhibitors also achieved very good on-site results:

Zhang Lin, marketing manager, Jiangsu shepherd group Co., Ltd.

A great exhibition. We sold the machine to a Beijing customer on the second day of the exhibition, and also accepted many reservations

Liu Hong, Beijing Dasen Changkong Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

ProPak China is the most professional packaging industry event in China. Our reason for participating in the exhibition is very simple. The exhibition allowed us to make a deal and opened up many new buyers

Chairman Alan Yates, (UK) Adeline Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

we shipped a lot of valuable equipment to the exhibition. Unexpectedly, we also received a lot of consultation, and a considerable number of buyers showed strong interest in purchasing. The response on site was so unexpected and satisfactory that we plan to book more exhibition space next year

2012 Shanghai International Food and beverage machinery and equipment exhibition was held again in Shanghai on July, 2012

exhibition area:

30550 square meters

independent exhibitors:


group exhibitors:


indirect exhibitors:


total number of exhibitors:


total number of trade institutions of exhibition groups in countries and regions:


total number of participating countries and regions:

products can be purchased according to needs 21


national and regional pavilions include: (alphabetically):

Germany (German machinery manufacturing association, professional association of food and packaging machinery, German exhibition industry association, Ministry of economy and labor of the Federal Republic of Germany), Japan (Japan Ministry of economy and industry, Japan Packaging Machinery Industry Association), Korea (Korea trade and Investment Promotion Association, Korea Packaging Machinery Association), the United States (American Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Association), Taiwan (Taiwan Machinery Industry Association), Britain (brewage, food and beverage industry suppliers association, processing and packaging machinery association, Ministry of Commerce)

countries and regions include: (alphabetically):

Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand Britain, the United States







China outside Shanghai










total number of visitors



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