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It is November that promises to be removed within the year. Hundreds of electric poles are still in the southeast corner of Ganjiang intersection of Daxue South Road in "Ba" road.

bus station on the west side of Daxue South Road in Jinghu village.

Viaduct of agricultural road passes by the ramp of No. 3 road.

northeast corner of Yinghe intersection of Qinling road. In recent years, Zhengzhou has built and expanded many urban roads, which has brought convenience to citizens' travel and the appearance of the urban area is getting better and better. However, there is a problem that has been bothering many citizens who travel. That is: when the road surface is repaired, the telegraph poles that used to be on the roadside or in the green belt "walk" to the fast lane or sidewalk, and they may be hit by careless driving or cycling

for the same road construction, the construction of the dirtiest and most difficult sewage pipelines can be carried out with the road surface, and the most complex optical cables and heat pipes can also be carried out simultaneously. Why is the remaining electricity dragging the back of road construction? In recent years, this newspaper has received more than 20 complaints about the electric poles in the middle of the road

on March 29 this year, Zhengzhou power supply company announced to the media that it would spend 120million yuan to dismantle 990 electric poles in the city, involving more than 100 roads. It is planned to dismantle them all this year. It is now November, and a large number of electric poles on the road are still "tenaciously" growing

ZHENG Baorong media article/figure


the telegraph poles occupy the road, and some bases occupy one third of the road surface

"the telegraph poles on the fast lane on the west side of Qinling Road, from Mianfang road to Jianshe Road, are easy to bump into at night, and they move year by year. Seven years ago, Jinan test gold. Some time ago, due to the revision of the station, the ranking fell here." Mr. Wang of Jinyuan first city community said

the field visit found that along Qinling road to the south to the intersection of Yihe River, there are also several electric poles in the middle of the non motorized Lane on the east side of the road. The bottom of the poles is built with cement piers. The road surface is already narrow, and the cement piers account for one third

on the fast lane between Huashan Road and Longhai Road from south to North and Yihe Road, there are more than 10 thick high-voltage poles with yellow protective ring signs under them, and each pole has been hit. Mr. Xu of Kunlun Huafu community said that these power poles have been exposed by the media for many times in the past three years and have not been removed

under the viaduct of jingsan agricultural road, two large high-voltage power supply poles stand on the north and south sides respectively. The North Pole occupies a straight lane, and a circle of isolation piers are built around the pole. The three lanes from east to West have become two lanes at the intersection; The southern pole almost takes up most of the space between the elevated ramp and the main building of Fortune Plaza on the west side, and there is only one lane left for vehicles from west to East

on Tianming road from Hongzhuan road to Nongye Road, we can see a row of poles "long" on the fast lane from south to north, with a large number of vehicles parked between the poles. Widely used in high-speed rail, aerospace and home appliances, automotive, electronic and electrical appliances and other industries

also investigated the occupation of electric poles in areas such as the navigation intersection of Tongbai Road, the South Third Ring Road intersection of University Road, and the Yihe intersection of Gongren road

traffic police department

poles occupying roads frequently cause traffic accidents

according to the traffic police department, poles occupying roads not only affect the appearance of the city, but also frequently cause traffic accidents

on the night of November 19, 2017, Mr. Xu, a citizen, rode an electric car and hit a telegraph pole at the northeast corner of the intersection at Yinghe intersection of Qinling road. He was injured in many places and his pelvis was broken. He spent more than 30000 yuan and has not recovered

in mid October 2017, a man was driving to the south of the hanghai intersection of Tongbai Road at night. When he hit a roadside telegraph pole, his car was destroyed and people were killed

on the evening of November 5, 2015, Ms. Wang drove to a small road at the southwest corner of Ruida intersection on Wutong street in the high tech Zone, and hit a cement high-voltage pole in the middle of the road head-on. The bottom of the pole was smashed, and the middle of the car's head was seriously sunken inward

in the early morning of July 19, 2012, a 26 year old man, Yan, rode an electric vehicle to the west side of the South Fourth Ring Road and HuangGuo Road overpass, hit a telegraph pole in the middle of the road, and unfortunately died

municipal staff

"the main reason is still the problem of money"

talking about why the electric pole in the middle of the road is not removed or does not enter the ground, a grass-roots person in charge of a subordinate unit of the Municipal Council shook his head: "now the road is built in the urban area, and the high-voltage lines on both sides of the road enter the ground, so the road builder has to pay the power department and ask the power department to remove it."

the grass-roots person in charge revealed that the three newly built roads in Zhongyuan District now involve 90million power lines. These three roads are Yihe Road (Songshan road to Huashan Road), Baihua road and Huzhu road. They are not major roads. Among them, Yihe road costs 50million yuan. Pulling a telegraph pole costs 20000 yuan for the power department. There is no way to do it without paying

"there are electric poles in the middle of the road. Its polymer Department recently found that the main reason for many fake DuPont products on the market is still the problem of money." A municipal worker admitted that the poles on the road were on both sides of the road. After the road was widened, the poles came to the middle of the road, "Of course, the road builders want to pull out the poles so that it is convenient to repair the road, but because of poor communication, they can't find the owner; or after communication, the power department says that the cost is too high and the cost of spending too much money, and the cost of wiring to the ground is much higher than that of road construction. Therefore, they don't want to move the poles. The road builders just repair the roads and leave the poles."

power supply company

pole relocation involves many departments, and half of 990 poles have been removed.

in response to the removal of 990 poles promised by Zhengzhou power supply company on March 29 this year, the power supply company said at that time that Zhengzhou would invest 120million yuan in the demolition and reconstruction work. The raw materials of the electric poles planned to be demolished and reconstructed mainly rely on food and microorganisms, involving more than 100 roads, including Yihe Road, Gongren Road, Daxue Road, Qinling Road, gangpo Road, Minggong Road, Yufeng Road, Information College Road, Nanyang Road, Qinlao Road, safety street, Daxue Road, Jinger Road, Nanyang street, Mudan Road, sigang linkage Avenue (Huaxia Avenue), Qinghuayuan Road, Minghui Road, Shuguang Road, South Fourth Ring Road, etc

the field investigation was fed back to Zhengzhou power supply company. A staff member of the other party said that the pole relocation project involved multiple departments, and the 120 million yuan fund was not fully allocated to the power supply department. Half of the 990 poles have been demolished, and the demolition of other poles is still moving forward

(original title: promised to remove within the year, it is already November, and hundreds of poles are still in "Ba" road)

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