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The simple scenario of workflow automation at the beginning of BPM

current situation: many companies have the following situations:

1, a lot of time and energy are wasted on the transmission of forms

2, the approval process is inefficient, which is inconsistent with the efficient corporate image

3, the company has a prescribed business process, but often cannot implement

4 according to the regulations, because there is no record of the processing process, To make the efficiency low, let's share with you the correct use method of the ring stiffness experimental machine and the usual protection status of the equipment can't be changed

5, the data is not archived, the knowledge can't be reused

6, the processing time, cost, efficiency and so on are not easy to measure

7, the key business flow is often delayed due to human factors

8, excessive reliance on paper, form delays Loss and other causes an invisible management black hole

9. The management of enterprises needs to go up to a higher level

10. There are powerful servers and internal networks, but they can't play their powerful functions

imagine a scenario that will occur in many companies: reimbursement of travel expenses

1. Fill in the form: employees must fill in a travel expense reimbursement form and calculate the total amount by themselves. At the same time, he must remember the relevant provisions of expense reimbursement. When he finished filling out the form and checked it by himself, he found a calculation error and had to fill in a new form, because the financial regulations stipulated that the documents should not be altered

2. Approval: then he submits the list to the Department Manager for approval. At this time, the manager is busy making the department budget, which is much more important than a reimbursement of hundreds of yuan. Therefore, the reimbursement form stayed on the manager's desk for a week

3. Confirmation: when the department manager started to deal with this reimbursement, he had forgotten which business it was for, so he called the employee to confirm it. The employee was calling a customer at this time, so the manager gave him a message. Finally, the employee explained the situation to the manager, who signed the reimbursement form

4. Send it to the financial department: then the reimbursement form is handed over to the cashier of the financial department. The cashier recalculates everything as usual, and puts the reimbursement document into the document queue of the next batch of payment after confirming that there is no error

5. Query: the employee didn't wait for the money and was worried about whether something would go wrong, so he called the financial department and asked them to check it. The cashier helped him find a lot of documents for a long time. After finding the reimbursement form, he told the employee to wait another two days to get the money. The introduction of a market-oriented eco-environmental protection promotion mechanism and other employees to get the money may be two weeks after he began to fill out the reimbursement form

the time and money spent by the company in processing this reimbursement is not commensurate with the reimbursement amount of only a few hundred yuan. However, they often don't realize the waste in this area, and there is really no way to know how much it costs to process an expense claim. It is a very simple administrative process to formally test the samples after the reimbursement of the hardness tester is in the normal operation mechanism state. There are still processes much more complicated than the reimbursement in the company, and the time and money wasted in each process is a considerable amount. Workflow automation software will completely solve this problem

still take reimbursement as an example. After workflow automation is adopted, after the employee comes back from a business trip, there is a blank reimbursement form in the task list on the computer. The system has filled in the relevant input items according to the information entered by the employee in the business trip application process in 2020 before the business trip, and the employee only needs to enter the information he must provide. The system automatically calculates the total amount without calculation error. If the employee fails to fill in the reimbursement form within the specified time, the system will send a reminder letter by email. After filling in, the employee clicks the "OK" button, and the electronic reimbursement form will immediately flow to the Department Manager and appear on the manager's task list. If the manager fails to deal with it before the specified date, the system will give a warning. The manager does not need to ask the employee for which business reimbursement, because reimbursement is part of the travel expense process. This reimbursement document is generated by the system based on the previously approved travel application. After the manager handles it, the reimbursement document flow is transferred to the cashier of the finance department. The cashier does not need to check whether there is a calculation error, because it must be correct. The employee soon got the reimbursement money. The relevant data of this reimbursement form is finally automatically transferred to the company's financial software. The whole process is efficient, concise and error free

the benefits of workflow automation can be summarized as follows:

1, the matters to be handled have been automatically transferred to the personal computer

2, there is no need to train employees in the process, and smooth the process change

3. Employees only need to focus on processing the data they care about

4, get the historical data

5 at any time, and generate the processing efficiency report

6 at any time, Achieve the goal of paperless office

7, fully support mobile office, synchronize operations

8, take scientific management to a higher level, significantly improve office efficiency

9, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises

10, and improve decision-making ability through process automation and database integration, as well as various forms statistical query functions (end)

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