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With the rise in prices, simple packaging is more popular

at the Food Expo yesterday, supermarkets in our city also brought food and household products to the exhibition. Its common feature is that the product packaging is very simple and the sales are very popular

on the Wal Mart booth, a kind of pickled chicken claw with simple packaging sold very well. This kind of pickled chicken feet is packed in the most common white food bag. During this period, it is empty and sold for only 20 yuan per 500 grams. The on-site shopping guide said that they had sold a lot, and the citizens were aiming at the benefits. It is understood that at present, the price of other pickled chicken feet entering the supermarket is generally 25-30 yuan per 500 grams, while this kind of simple pickled chicken feet sells for only 20 yuan. Although not too fancy, it is still very popular with consumers because of its low price. The staff said that at present, the prices of many products are rising, and citizens are more rational in choosing products because the current domestic market is less active than the international market, and they care more about the price. He once saw that in the case of selling toothpaste, Hungarian researchers used new technology to process waste plastic into a new type of synthetic material. This kind of synthetic material can be used for paving after being mixed with asphalt in proportion, which can increase the firmness of the road surface and reduce the appearance of rolling marks. In front of the display cabinet, some citizens took a calculator to calculate the average price of a gram

the self owned brand products of the new century supermarket at the Food Expo cover more than 10 categories, including pumping paper, facial tissue paper, household roll paper, water, rice candy, garbage bags, fresh-keeping film, etc., with a total of more than 200 items. At present, the new century supermarket has registered Huishang brand for its own food and some daily necessities. The quality of these products is guaranteed, but the outer packaging is very simple. New century supermarket said that its own brand paper towels are 20% to 30% cheaper than those of similar quality by using the characteristics and water of this time. The price is low, so it is naturally easy to sell

among the products exhibited by Chongbai supermarket, private brands accounted for 15% - 20%. In addition to daily paper towels, water and snack food, there are also hardware such as pots, bowls, ladles, basins, etc. Its goods are the same as those of the new century supermarket, with guaranteed quality and simple packaging

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