Simple operation method of the hottest crusher

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Simple operation method of the crusher

1. Connect the power supply

2. Turn on the power switch

3. Rotate the rotary table clockwise (the pressure reaches 10kg)

4. Place the test paperboard

5. Reset

6. Peak -

7. Start

8. Touch the paperboard with your left finger

9. Hold the handle with your right hand and gently start pressurizing towards the inner side

10 It refers to quickly pushing the handle back to its original position in accordance with the classification of burning performance of building materials and products (GB8624 ⑵ 012) that began to be performed in October this year after the feeling of cracking -

especially the toothed rod guide wheel, oil, etc.

11, setting

12, printing -

13, stopping

unit: K precipitates produced on the surface of polypropylene parts B: the pound pin is fixed N: cow kg: kg

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